Thursday, March 11, 2010

I've Said It Before...

AND I will say it again, HOMESCHOOLING is TOUGH! It's not the easy road. There are many many sacrifices. Should EVERYONE DO IT? Probably not. But who shouldn't homeschool then, if I believe it's the VERY BEST educational option for children? Without a doubt there are women who have no business homeschooling, but they are likely the ones that makes those (like the Nazis) who think that there are women who have no business being mothers too.  I think that if a woman is a mother and a man is a father then their responsibility is to educate their offspring. Does this mean in the home? OR does this mean in some sort of other means like a public or private institution? While I whole heartedly RECOGNIZE the home as the very best place of nurture for children, the best place to learn ALL that is needed in this life both educationally and morally there can be instances where it is needful to utilize other resources for education.  Do I think that anyone can homeschool? NO~actually there are some who don't need to for many reasons~AND there are times when the other avenues will need to be utilized. It boils down to a soul searching and priority check up really. If we can assess our values and goals within the confines of a sound moral make up rooted in God's Word then our decisions will be within the will, His perfect Will for our lives~homeschooling or not. I tend to honor the idea that "to whom much is given, much is required", and once I am made aware of a higher plane it's my duty to follow it. IS THIS EASY?? Never! In fact it's often like pulling hen's teeth (as if the ole gal has any!!) Soooo my facebook comment regarding home education as the only means of education is my stance being soundly rooted in nine looooooonnnnnnggggg years of following the path I have so been led. ARE there days I want to throw in the towel? You bettcha! Yes!!! And there are even moments I consider IF I AM DOING a good job or is this truly the best for my children.  Yeah, I shudder and think about it~I'd be a total fool not to think about it, as would any thinking, evaluating parent. We all must look at our situations and consider the long and short term results~EVALUATE each and every second we are walking this or any other path for that matter.

To Homeschool Will Require:
1. Desire
2. Time
3. Guts
4. Cooperation in the home~everyone has to WANT TO...but it doesn't end there~working together is key!
5. Tenacity
6. Evaluation and Accessment
7. Patience
8. Preparation and Execution (and I don't mean "kill the kids" either LOL!)
9. Positive attitude
10. Prayer
11. Humility
12. Research
13. Materials (a plan and a goal~Long and short terms goals that are coupled with the materials used.)
14. Maintence (keeping up with it all!)
15. Love (a devoute love and respect for our children to make them a high priority in our lives.)

With all said, I would never want to get into the "WHO" of shouldn't homeschool. I'll leave that up to the individual...but as for us, we are one step~itty-bitty, teeny-weeny, minnie-side slide working the plan towards graduation~by His GRACE!

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday who I saw a pic of her at 15 (my daughter's age) who said she had smoked pot and some other drug I can't even spell that is a hallucinogenic THAT SHE BOUGHT IN THE PARKING LOT OF THE PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL~oh yeah! AND she's 50 years old now...also she was telling me that there weren't enough school books to go around, "They didn't teach us anything!" she told I know it's quite a few years since...but, but..but.....BUT! I do know when my son attended his ONE year of public school I was utterly amazed to hear (over a year later!!) just went on there~things like teachers throwing desks and yelling, 3 classes held up in one room with ONE teacher~kids sitting all over the desks and floors so the other two could attend a meeting~oh let's see...hmm....then there is the locked up school with EVERY DOOR LOCKED down tight and a child in the hallway has to knock if they go into the hallway~yeah, it's security measures for the LONE GUNMAN who might enter~OMgoodness!!!

With all said, when 9/11 occurred (2002), I was home with mine and never felt I needed to run go and get them! When the news says somebody lost it and shot up the school, I am NOT wondering IF my two are safe~AND I ALSO know that there's NO POT or whatever sold in our parking lot AND WE have enough school books~

Does everyone need to homeschool? You decide your own path~and we all~YES, we all~including SisterT will find ourselves with the consequences of our actions, both good and bad..."the decisions we make today, can and WILL effect us, possibly for a lifetime and into eternity!"

Just my NOT so humble opinion. AND by the way, I am OK if you decide you can't, won't, will not, shall not, aren't able, it's best not, or any other way to say~you are not homeschooling! It's a free county-so far...and it's everybody's right to our own destiny~and since I am so narrow minded, just know though, I am OK with any one of my friends who decides their own path...that's the beauty of friendship~WE ARE ALL different.

So since I've said it before, it's laid to rest. The choices are for each of us...the consequences are ours too either way~both good and bad.


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Sheri said...

I must say-I am unclear as to how you feel about homeschooling-ROTFL. Seriously-you are correct-it is something folks should consider and not just "poo-poo" because it may be hard, or they don't have enough patience, or they would "kill" their kids....those are just excuses. Maybe attending PS classes with the kiddos for a few days would help. It is not right for everyone-but I think way too many are missing this great opportunity to be such a wonderful part of their children's lives. To be a true influence on their Biblical training and to create a family as God intended. Seems like folks all too readily hand over these precious gifts to the Godless government run programs. Was that too honest? Well, it is the truth. Thanks for a good post-folks need to read this.