Friday, March 26, 2010

SNOW? in March~

This just might be mundane to talk about, but really REALLY when I am seeing my more southerly friends planting and readying their garden spots AND I am getting a snow storm~WHAT AM I TO THINK?

I can think I am mad and fuss and fume that snow is covering up my flower bulbs that got duped by mother nature and peek out into the sunshine ALREADY!

I can think that my flowering trees are going to drop all that splendor and NO fruit this season.

I can think that white on the ground is OK in March! The END of it, no less!

I can think that cold is good~it's better than hot~I mean, how many clothes can one take off but~THERE ARE LOADS to put on if cold!

I can think that Spring will be even better WHEN it really gets here!

I can think I had better quit thinking~LOL!!

I can think that it's time to quit posting something this silly~AND wonders if you have snow where you live right now?

Yea, I can's about WHAT I am thinking...and it makes all the difference!

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