Sunday, April 11, 2010

TWO Questions??

Would you homeschool again if you could?

Do you regret homeschooling?

Wow! Two heavy questions for a homeschool mom! But I was thinking about the process today. Would I?? I believe I would, but there are days I've wondered and worried IF we have made a sound decision. I could be arrogant, and frankly, sometime I am about it by saying, Yeah, it's great and we've done a good job. But as a mom, deep in my heart, I worry. Home ed is a path of most resistance and certainly at the least a non conformist activity! The stats show that is a low percentage who do this, but numbers are increasing. I hear of a few who go back into traditional schooling for various reasons, but for the most part people stick with it over the long haul that I've met.  So beginning in the first grade was a pretty good thing for us, but IF I had known what I know now, I may have done all the other schooling that they had before then, myself.  The one major advantage I can see in beginning in the beginning is that our kids aren't used to or led to believe in another way! I've spent years undoing what the school system taught my children in terms of expectations. They somehow got it that schooling is ONLY this way...but believe me, they have learned, and learned well in our one room schoolhouse.

Do I regret homeschooling?
No. But I do recognize that it's been a sacrifice. I haven't worked and we've had less. OK, but I'm not sorry, but often frustrated by the lack of material things sometimes. Living on one income is tough, but glad to have done it. I think there are things that money can't buy, and hopefully I've given these to my children along with a good sound Christian education. The proof WILL BE in the pudding!

What about you? Where are ya? Would ya ? and Do you regret?  Ring on in...

BTW~I also had the thought that we all secretly fear and worry too...but nobody's talking about it...for the most part...there's a little something inside...(anyone else?)


Sheri said...

man-you really don't want to get me started on this do ya? Ah nuts-now I will have to do a big ole post about this...but currently am drained from my TOS Blog Cruise post...

short version: Do I regret it? NO! NEVER WILL. Do I worry about it? Not since the day (when my oldest was like 8 or so) that the Lord told me in a very clear manner-"You are on the right track"-I never (seriously)looked back (I have considered it due to strong willed children, but knew deep down it was an empty threat).

Would I do HS again? (assuming you mean after being in the trenches forever, knowing the ups and downs) Not only would I, I would whisper in my ear when I was about to birth my first born-"research and know about homeschooling-and for the love of Pete Rose, be patient with the children, yourself and enjoy the ride!" That is what I would tell myself. Now, granted 2 of the 4 have never been educated outside of our homeschool, the 3rd only had 2x per week of nursery school under his belt before we began our adventure, and our eldest only did K and 1st at the Christian school which was not a total flop-just not worth the loss of the 2 years. Heck, I will most likely be hsing my grandkiddies-so I guess you can say-I am a lifer!

SisterTipster said...

Awesome, Sherrie! I know some grandmothers who homeschool their next generation! Sooo neat!