Monday, April 26, 2010

Encouragement ONLINE~

I can't tell you how many friends, how much fun, and how much information I've gained BECAUSE of the internet! I also can't tell you how many times I've had someone say, "the internet is evil."  Of course most anything from my kitchen FORK can be used for evil to my front porch, but for the most part they are tools and a resource in my life.  My fork of course makes food go into my mouth more politely, and without my front porch when it rains I would get wet! But with a heart of evil these have been used for wrong, wrong, and more wrong!  The interenet CAN be used for wrong, no doubt, but with diligence and care, wonderful things can be gained.

I think about blogging, facebook, email and all sorts of wonderful websites that encourge me.  I've really enjoyed what the internet has done in my life.  I was encouraged even to learn of a friend, while we've never met, nor conversed other than through an email once,  who is not hosting an online radio program each night. What encouragment this gentleman is~His works go before him for the Lord~sooo if you are up like I am most nights, check out The Mind of Brent Radio program.  If you know McLinky, this is his product and such a great guy with an online magazine and ministry. 

For all kinds of FREE resources to help you in homeschooling, check out the right side lower area under FREE ONLINE RESOURCES.  You'll find all sorts of wonderful stuff, but if I don't have something you need there, use your search engine~which is amazing WHAT we can find!

I am so blessed by this resource. You know I use online TV and movies.  I also use it for books and information as well as networking and friendships.  It was such a kick to find the important people from my life who in time had gotten away from me all through social networking!


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