Wednesday, April 21, 2010

China Unit Study~Download N Go!!

Easy does it! Keep it simple silly! By the inch it's a cinch! Homeschooling need not be complicated, noooo! We can learn and learn well in all kinds of ways.  Download N Go is The Old Schoolhouse's fast and easy unit study to entice children into all sorts of learning adventures! With Amanda Bennett at the helm and a team of other professional folks, TOS has continued to put together a vast resource of ONE WEEK unit studies that aside from some hard drive space on your computer AND some general lap booking supplies (which are listed,) EASY PEAsy is the way of it! Literally, you download the study and GO!

Expedition China will take your child into this vast mysterious land for a five day jaunt into the culture and offering of this ancient yet modern people.  Each day will teach objectives and offering hands on and other interactive information.

Does your child love fireworks? Does your dominos?  Covering geography, facts, animals and even missionaries Expedition China will make learning fun!

I like the colorful graphics and information about the animals. What cute animals!!

What about a reading list of SUGGESTED books? This is so appealing, as there is not huge list of required resources! Many of these books will be available at the public library which is a huge money saver! Remember that Download N Go requires little additional expense.  If you WANT to purchase books you can, but the titles can be readily found at the library!  You can branch into longer studies and even up scale the age of study to include olders or youngers than the targeted ages of K-4th grades.  With so many internet links of short film, it's really age neutral.  (Exercise caution regarding the links, as the use of YouTube may show the vulgar comments of others in the comments section under the viewing area.  Preview the film and watch with your child so you can see and discuss with them!)  The activities will definitely need to be adjusted however.  I can see the look of my teens if I ask them to do a copy sheet or other young child geared activity!

Diving into Expedition China is an amazing fun thing to do.  We hear about China in the news all the time, and what a fun way to introduce this nation to our children!!


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