Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A STAR is Born!

When our kids were babies, we held (still do) all the hopes and dreams for their little lives so dear! With each cry and movement, we relished the way they looked, what they said or did as joy to our souls. Our children were born to be bright stars in this world, to show and shine!

Every mother and daddy dreams for their child. As home educators, our dreams can influence our the long term results of our processes in our everyday.
The present truly will affect the future!

What are our dreams, but more important, what are the DREAMS of OUR CHILDREN?

Do we take the time to hear their hearts?

I said to my husband, "I fear our son is setting himself up for a live of hard labor," as he's prone to hate academia with a passion, but loves hands-on things like building, gardening, music and more! I am hard pressed to get him to read anything beyond instructions and some "fluffy" fiction. MY dear husband reminded me, "He will do well, because if I could, he can."  WOW~my husband is dreaming and seeing success in our boy beyond where he is today.  I am taking this view as well!

When born, every child is destined as a star in this world as designed by God for His purposes.  Our children will shine!  LOOKING UP...


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