Wednesday, April 21, 2010


New to memes, I FORGOT LOL! But since I am thrilled with my teenagers, here's an update!
They are busy preparing for this weekend's performance of The Phantom Tollbooth with the Center Stage Productions homeschool drama group in Central Ohio. WOW! It's their second play they've participated in, and I can't wait!!

This is such a busy week for both daughter and son.  Daughter the actress is in the first dress rehearsal honing in her skills trying so hard to perfect the two roles she has~Son is busy on the set crew and WHO KNOWS what else! He came home the end of last week announcing that he will be playing his trumpet for a part of some kind of effects.  Ha!! WELL, guess those practices and lessons COULD pay off, huh?? I am thrilled to see the love of the instrument continue to take hold of him!

So it's long practices of 12 hours PLUS for them this week.  When discussing with them how the group is able to pull together such nice performances in such a short schedule (It all begins in late January.), it's noted that while other groups of high schoolers may have more funding and more adult help, since CSP is totally homeschooled KID DRIVEN, it's the flexibility of being homeschooled that is the secret.  Whoohoo~TEENAGERS and HOMESCHOOLING! OK, so what are we doing with math, history, science and all the rest this week? ON HOLD~but be assured, we will hit the books again next week~BTW: call this a "drama workshop week."  Yeah!



SisterTipster said...

AND here, I thought i was late...hahaha!

IllinoisLori said...

Hi, Cheryl! (Did I get your name correct?) Thanks so much for posting a Thursday Talkin' About Teenagers (TTAT) post! I moved your Mister Linky link for the above post to this week's Thursday'll get more views that way! So if you go back to my blog (Plans4You) and look at the Washington DC trip post from last week, you will NOT see your link there. Just wanted you to know!

I love this time of life, as a mom of teens, and enjoy celebrating it! We have friends whose kids are heavily into youth theater, too...they love it! Sounds like your kids have really found something they enjoy, what a blessing! Love homeschool's flexibility!

I'm glad you can join me; it's a newer meme, so still getting going, and I'm always happy to see someone join in! To help us get more exposure, if you could just copy and paste the TTAT button at the top of your post each week that you participate, or link to my blog at the top of each post some way, it would be most appreciated! And thanks for putting the button on your sidebar :-)

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