Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Planner Exerts~LOADS of USEFUL INFO...

Recipes and LESSON PLANS? It's a "different" combo I know~but for homeschooling moms like us, we know that good eats and learning are important in our homes! The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has compiled the resources of two years of the TOS Planner to bring all the goodies into one volume! If you didn't get the 2008 or 2009 Planner, then you can benefit with all the articles and recipes combined into 2008-2009 Planner Exerts. There are monthly resource lists for learning as well that will make getting lesson plans together a snap! I think the things I like best are the articles written on varying subjects covering neat topics like Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett. Do you recognize her name? She's our Download N Go author!
There are others:
  • Teaching Writing
  • Lessons Around the Table
  • Top 7 Reasons for Homeschoolers to Learn a Foreign Language
  • Making Math Stick
  • Solving Science Struggles
  • Must I Teach Geography?
  • A Day Without Communication is Impossible!
  • Hands-On History!
  • Chore Training Tips
  • Art Enriches Our Lives
  • Homeschooling Through High School: The Opportunity of a Life Time!
  • The Thirteen Colonies
  • Ten Keys to Learning Math in the Decimal System
  • Weather
  • House Fires Happen
  • American Government Basics
  • Learning to Spot the Planets
  • Using Letter Writing to Connect the Generations
  • Jesus' First Miracle
  • What's So Great About Teaching Dead Languages: The How and Why of Teaching Greek and Latin
  • Lap Books: A Creative Approach to Retention
  • The Basics of Getting Into College
  • Homeschooling Around the World

Each of these articles is written by an expert in their given field with loads of insight and info for us from them.  The articles differ in age scope too~some are uniquely for a younger or older child, while others are multi-aged. I think if you have younger children, it would be good to look ahead and begin reading about the future of teaching older kids.   Planner Exerts will help with this!

Besides the articles, I like the recipes with the bio information of each person who submitted it. There are some neat blogs listed for further reading and homeschooling information.

This compilation will bring you up to date with the planner or give you supplemental information you don't have if you have just purchased the 2010 planner only~and by the way, if you desire an organizational tool with every form you can imagine, consider the planner that comes with modules for learning throughout the year~modules are mini unit studies designed to guide us for a year's worth of learning!!

Check out The Old Schoolhouse Planner 2008-2009 Useful Planner Exerts~it's goooood!

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