Saturday, August 15, 2009

New to Homeschooling?

A few years ago I thought long and hard that those who were just thinking about homeschooling might be overwhelmed with all the products, curriculum and just plain requirements some put on the idea, much less just doing the job of home education for their children. I know for several years and even as recently as this week I have been nervous and concerned that somehow I am not meeting the needs of my children in all the ways children need. I am like most moms and wants what is really best. It's hard with so much coming at a person to know and do all that needs to be done. I want to suggest some things to do first.

Please pray about the kind of education you want to see your children have in their lives.

Is it going to be college tract? Are you concerned about their future with employment or family life?

I believe in educating my children to THEIR potential~hopefully it is college track~it's our goal (both theirs and MINE, I can't do it alone!) but am I working the plan? Are they?

What skills am I teaching in the home? Can they live life as young adults and "know what to do?"

Personal and interpersonal relationships are important here too~FAMILY, FAITH and foundations~these are the keys I think.

Yeah, I want to educate them, AND I am working to do just this, but if you are new, like I once was a few moons ago, please consider these FIRST~and then look at curriculum and products~your child's heart is more important than all the book knowledge you can give them!

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