Friday, August 21, 2009

Creative Writing~Freebie Novel Writing PDF Download

I am ALWAYS looking for ideas on how to teach mine how to write. It's just one of those skills that's essential for life much less any college work they may want to undertake. This is an area that freaks me too~so much so I have researched and read as much as I can about the subject so that I can teach them well. Living on a budget has meant that I can't necessarily afford what I might purchase had I more funds, so I keep on looking, researching and learning myself. Today, Homeschool Freebie of the Day offered a PDF download for a 25 page guide to teach children, I am guessing around 3 or 4th grades up to write a novel from the Little Blue School who had a writing club for her children and friends. AWESOME! Now you can along with me join in the fun! I love to write; I was in the sixth grade when I wrote a "book!" I wish I still had it, but through the years it has disappeared. These are treasures for our children and their childhood memories.

blessings on your writing pursuits and go get that download !

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