Saturday, August 29, 2009

3 Days Out...

And then we get going for our 9th year of homeschooling! Whoohoo! I am amazed and a little nervous I must admit. High school is important, but I have to remember that I've taught and taught them to teach and learn themselves for so many years that NOW is the time to let them shine~SHINE ON KIDS!! I have plans for subjects and curriculum choices that are not willynilly put together, but have been well thought out researched curriculum choices. . .even looked at some that I had to join up some "groups" to voyer enough to understand the processes...but I feel confident we are heading in a solid direction. You can read my choices here

With all said, three days out we are gearing up for a fantastic year! I am working to get our books in order, plans begun and ordered, and even do some cleaning so we can focus on the subjects better as we are introduced into the scheme of them. I am excited!

Where are you? Have you begun yet or are you like me on the path of counting down to the BIG day??

Happy Year!

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