Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Did I Tell You?

My daughter is learning Japanese! I am so amazed. She is singing, speaking, reading and practicing writing! I am so incredibly proud~this is all due to our opportunity to review a wonderful language learning system called Tell Me More. I was given the opportunity through the Old Schoolhouse Magazine's marketing program TOS Crew to review many great homeschooling products which Tell Me More is apart of that opportunity! You can read my review here:

Girl Thing One really loves her language learning CD~and to the credit of her and the system, she has completed the first year! She's excited to have one solid year behind her~and I just had to share something that sort of fits into this whole thing Japanese~WE ACCIDENTLY grew Japanese pumpkins! They are called kabocha! The package my husband planted said acorn squash ;-)) but when we got GREEN pumpkins I told him that I'd never seen an acorn squash LOOK like that! Well, I began to research as they are prolific and have yielded us a nice harvest~so whadda I do wiff 'em?? Check out this link on kabocha~there's even a recipe...we like winter squash and fresh pumpkin...pie anyone???

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