Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great Reads~Unbeatable!

There's so much junk out there for kids to read, but I have found some of the best books ever for children! Last year when I was a reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Crew we were given some Salem Ridge Press titles to look over with our children...I fell in love! These are reprints of some awesome children's literature that isn't pable, but well written and wonderfully imaginative historical fiction. I was really impressed and said so! Read that review here:

I got a blast in my email box as I stay up with Salem Ridge Press telling about their new offerings of the Early Church History Set and the Midieval Church Set~This is awesome as you get a break in the price in the set combo! Both are 6 books each or you can order the Church History Set of 12 books~all at a savings...AND...

ANNOUNCING Salem Ridge Press's Give-A-Way: Just click on the link and you can enter! ;-)) Through Sept 1st 12mn.

NOW through Tues, Sept 1st enter for a free set~ohh how I wish I could win!! These Emma Leslie books are awesome! Perfect for a child about nine or ten and up~Very well written!

They are also having a sale on each set 15% off either 6 book set or 25% off for all 12!
Here: for the sale.

This is a totally unsolicited shout out about the wonderful books of a great homeschooling publisher~Go sign up for the give a way and check out the sale! I just had to tell ya!


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