Monday, August 10, 2009

HSLDA Report Card on Homeschooling vs...

If you have folks in your life worried about your children who are homeschooled, you need to send them straight over to this TELLING HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Assoc) who is reporting a study done on homeschoolers. . .NAW~we've got little to worry us as long as WE ARE educating our children to their academic best! READ it !! I can say that for YEARS I have worried and still do to some degree~the proof will be in the pudd'n as they say! But I want my children educated and prepared. What a total shame if someone calls homeschooling by its name and does not teach or prepare the child! I can say in over eight years, this being our nineth, I HAVE NEVER MET A FAMILY WHO WAS NOT SCHOOLING!!!!!!and I have lived in three states and been in three homeschooler groups. NOT ONE family! ONE!

This is encouraging! KEEP up the GREAT WORK parents! GOD IS GOOD!

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