Thursday, August 20, 2009


I really don't like to clean. I'd like to think I am clean and neat, but I am not "into" cleaning, but I do it as a necessity to stay healthy and orderly. Nothing WRONG with this, unless it comes either with pride or low self esteem. Clean or unclean~outwardly so~God is unconcerned! He's interested in our hearts; THE Heart~the seat of our being, not the pump! And Godliness means holiness...not being god...or rather a god, because no one can be GOD! I hope you will head over and read more over at Got Questions where some good Christian folks are addressing all sorts of things!

I have blogged about all sorts of thrifty cleaning, and do I love cleaning?? NO! But again, it's all done with the ULTIMATE in mind~being holy before the God of this universe!

Somehow my dirt doesn't seem quite so important in light of eternity! Well, like I said, let's keep the health dept at "bay" but not go overboard~God's pleasure is the goal!


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