Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tie the Knot~HANG ON TIGHT

If you have had a day like I have, then you will appreciate what the title of this post says.  Sometimes we just have to hang on when the end of our rope seems near! I have appreciated those cliff hanging movies when the hero is hanging by a thread to use his wits to get to safety and eventually win the day! IF THIS IS YOU, like it has been ME today, let's tie a knot in that rope~hang on tight and stratagize to victory!

Sometimes you gotta let go too.  I hope if you are in this boat and are THERE/HERE then your landing is cushy soft.  Just remember that EVERYTHING has consequences, both good and bad.  I have to remind myself of this fact of laws frequently. It will moderate my actions on many an occasion.  Sometimes the thought will take me in a totally new direction, but often just reminding myself: SELF~do you really WANT____________ to occur or end up or become or ______??? Just taking the time to THINK for a moment is really crucial~even in the heat of the fray. 

OK, friends, TIE the knot and hang gives us much needed seconds, minutes, and possibly hours or days to figure OUT what to/where to go next!

Merry Christmas! AND I'm hanging my nails like the cat~but hanging...

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