Friday, December 11, 2009


Some things just can't be replaced.  Treasures of all kinds from Grandmother's fine linnens she did beautiful handiwork on, to antiques and other collectables.  Things that are tangible are somewhat in some ways replacable, but in school for our children the care of a good teacher is IRREPLACEABLE!

The public school system has professional teachers with degrees and certifications.  Career and life's calling are at the core of many in the field, and you might find some who are in it for other reasons as well, but in homeschooling, the teacher may not carry credentials.  This teacher may not have a degree from a college or university.  But one thing this teacher has is the BEST interest of the student~totally!  Not to dis the other teachers out there! I have had public and private school teachers impact my own life, and I am friends with some too! I just think that a little motto that I first heard when my children were in public school, "parents are the first and best teachers!" Oh soo true! AND we are totally irreplaceable.

As teachers and parents, our children learn from babyhood throughout their lives! We are with our children to guide, love, train and protect LIKE nobody else! No one has the best interest of our child like we do! NO ONE! I know that there are well meaning and good people who care, but at the end of the day, WHO is going to stand by a young man or lady as she navigates life, but Mother and Daddy!

Relishing today that I am IRREPLACABLE in the lives of my children, and while the Lord will one day take me home on His appointed day, I still will have been and will forever be IRREPLACEABLE!
Think about this! What an opportunity for impact we have on the lives of the NEXT generation in this world~for good or evil...

I often have said and think that in the end, I will not be remembered by how well I dressed, how much my bank account held, or how gorgeously kept my home is, but by the love and care~MY CHILDREN FEEL!

Consider that you too are irreplaceable in the lives of your littles, and make Christmas Merry!

It's the only ONE you've got this year~make the most! (Put your pic where mine is...)


Lynn said...

Great post and totally true.. Our children need us.. Thanks for sharing this!

Conservative coffee with three lumps of sugar said...

I agree with you totally! I need to remember this in the moment of doubt!