Thursday, December 3, 2009

Movie That REACHES into the Heart and Squeezes...

In fact, it's not even an adult friendly subject either~vicious murder never is friendly to humankind at any age!

I enjoy documentaries, and tonight I went surfing on Netflix to find one that would bring some information into my life, but little did I know all this particular film would bring.  You see, I like historical documentary and sometimes stories of the lives of people as this is really what history is all about~people and the events surrounding them. So with a touch of bordom and my handy-dandy laptop with my recliner, I began to look and found, Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father ALERT: There is foul language and pictures of violence (stills) in this film.  I want to say that despite this alert, the film shows a heart wrenching story of the murder of a medical resident whose crime was never punished, and who left loving parents and an unborn child. This child was Zachary, and his mother was accused of his father's murder, but while never being brought to justice was left to raise her son eventually taking not only her life, but the 13 month old child's life as well.  The benefits of such a film far outweigh any angst over the issues I have mentioned in that IMHO the story is told with much dignity and valor by his best friend from childhood that the display of such was in the emotional breaking of the horrific situation.

My heart absolutely bleeds for the parents and grandparents of the victims.  This film is an outcry for justice in our courts where violent crime is concerned and for children who may be victimized~  innocent children who have done nothing except exist, and courts and professionals who do little to help them.

It will be my prayer that you will consider watching this film to become educated with this situation and others like it so that we might all be aware that not only do such horrific events occur, but that WE as citizens should speak out to see such not occur in our society.

Grandparent rights, issues regarding child safety and the rights of victims both dead and alive must be addressed.  I can't say that this is an entertaining film, but one that will reach inside your heart like it has done mine and made me cry and also ask myself: WHAT can I do? If nothing else, I can tell you...and you can tell someone else...we can bring Andrew and Zachary's ends to a place of meaning~not the senselessness that resides without action. Please read on to the film maker, Kurt's email to me in response to mine below~WE CAN DO SOMETHING!

God bless you as you consider watching this film...just remember that you will want to preview it before you allow your children to watch~not appropriate for young children AT ALL IMHO, but one that older near adult children potentially should see for its merits.

I know it's unusual for me to suggest a film of this type, but I feel strongly that unless we look and peer deeply into the uglyness of crime that seeks to destroy, we too might become its next prey.

Kurt to me:
On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 2:14 AM, wrote:
Thank you so much for writing, and yes, this is an automatic response, but it was written personally by me, and is only automated because I have been receiving SO many kind emails from wonderful folks like yourself that I want to be sure that you at least get this response if I don't get a chance to respond personally, which I will try to do.  I will be reading your email personally (even if it takes a month :), and will be passing it along to Kate & David Bagby.  Every single letter is precious to us, and if you don't hear back, it's just a matter of exhaustion and overwhelm, it's not that we didn't love and cherish what you wrote.
Many of you have been asking what you can do to help.  The best thing you can do is write to the government of Canada in support of a law denying bail to people accused of murder while awaiting trial.  Inspired by the film, MP Scott Andrews of Newfoundland introduced a bill in the House of Commons on October 22, 2009 (bill C-464) that would justify detention in custody of a suspect charged with a serious crime who is a danger to their own minor children -- a wonderful start.  We urge you to write the government of Canada in support of MP Andrews' bill, and of taking things a step further, to pass a measure denying bail to people accused of murder while awaiting trial.

Whether you're a Canadian citizen or not, please write.  If such a law had existed in 2003, Zachary would be alive today, a fact backed up by the Newfoundland Child & Youth Advocate's Review & Investigation, which can be read in its entirety in pdf form on the website (, click on "Investigation").  He would be 7 years old and in second grade right now.  Things will only change if enough individuals scream for change together.  Information on who and where to write can be found on this film's website, at
.  If you are a Canadian citizen, the page helps you find your Member of Parliament with your postal code.  If you are not, the address & email of the Attorney General of Canada is there for your use.  The next best thing you can do to help is to tell everyone you know about this film, encourage them to watch and write the government of Canada.  The DVD has now been released in the U.S. and Canada, and is available widely.

A lot of you have asked where you can find David's book about this travesty of justice, "Dance with the Devil: A Memoir of Murder and Loss" by David Bagby.  A new printing is now available on and;  you can also find it on line at Borders books (, at the Canadian bookstore Chapters ( and other venues.

Thank you again so much for writing, and for your support of our efforts to prevent this horrible nightmare from happening again to anyone else.

All the best,

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