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C is For Christmas and Cookies! FUNtastic Folders 2 UNIT Study: In the Kitchen and the Nativity

I have been given the opportunity to review C is for Christmas and Cookies 2 Unit Studies: In the Kitchen and the Nativity by Sharon Crooks and Pamela Fenske which is a PDF download consumable offered by   At this time, I am not an affiliate of Currclick and will receive no monetary compensation for this review other than that I received the product (FTC required statement).  I want to review this product for you who have young children who will benefit from such a study.

This lapbook/eStudy is a brightly colorful 67 page down load in PDF format.  There are actually two studies as the title suggests, one on cooking in the kitchen and the other on the Nativity~both themed around Christmas.  The age group targeted by this study is K-2nd grades.  I think that this is about right, and I like how the text is written to your child to engage him in the process of the learning.  Of course you will want to help your child in each phase of this study as in the kitchen there is learning about some of the tools of baking as well as hygiene such as handwashing which is so important.  I really like how handwashing is reinforced for the child in pictures as well as in activity.

BUILD MEMORIES with your child this Christmas Season with Christmas LEARNING!

Nothing is more fun than cooking together and working on projects to learn together!  Inside C is for Christmas and Cookies you will find fun activities like baking yummy cookies and building on skills so useful in the kitchen as well as Biblical learning about the birth of our Savior! Schooling around the season with a definite REASON is presented here~you will be able to share Christ and His birth as well as the fun aspects of baking cookies.  No Santa in this study, it's all about Him!

Right in the beginning there is a supplies list so you won't be in the dark over what you will need. I do think this is very important as I hate to be mid-project and have to stop to run and get something~this is a magic buster with kids, or it has been with mine! They want me ready to go~supplies in hand, even when they were younger!   This list in in the beginning of the study. There are no unusual supplies needed, but common things, but you may have to go and get some brass paper brads.  If you are like me, you will have most other supplies, but just make sure you look the list over well~none are extravagant.

Colorful pictures illustrate how to put the Funtastic Folder together.  There are many hands on projects as well as reinforcement activities to teach so many things!

I have been asked if lapbooks could or are used as complete curriculum for young children.  There is so much here that it could certainly be used if not as entire curricula, but as a launch for sure! Each child is different and each situation, but here's what you will find:

1. Science.  There is a discussion on germs and what they do.
2. Health.    Good handwashing and illness prevention is discussed as well as kitchen etiquette.
3. Homemaking.  Baking cookies fits this bill~yum! And these are kid friendly recipes that are tasty!
4. Math.  Measurements are taught in the cooking with practical hands on as well as an activity!
5. Handwriting. There is copywork for your child with appropriate 3 lined paper.
6.  Fine motor skill development. Loads of cute, large cut outs for your child's folder!
7.  Safety skills.  There are special instructions for kitchen safety.
9.  Listening/Reading skills. The Christmas story is presented.
10. Critical thinking.  Puzzles and more! Loads of activities for each section!

C is for Christmas and Cookies  is a wonderful age appropriate offering that children K-2nd grade will love! 

Thanks Shari Crooks for this opportunity to review C is for Christmas and Cookies  for my readers!

Merry Christmas and go check out C is for Christmas and Cookies! 
Regularly priced $21.99 on sale: $18.99!!

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