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Download N Go Biography Amelia Earhart~Lapbooking!

Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine are partnering for a series of lapbook unit studies called Download N Go (Remember the Autumn Download N Go FREEbie?? (left sidebar!).)  Together this team will bring different themes~I am on the DNG Review Panel having received Amelia Earhart with no monetary compensation for my opinions.  I am a The Old Schoolhouse affiliate@http://www.sistertipster.blogspot.com.  I will be reviewing one Download N Go unit study each month so we can all become acquainted with these new studies.  Download N Go will answer questions for young children ages K-middle elementary school in a hands on fun way!  Ameilia Earhart is the first of the biographical unit lapbooking studies with more promised!

All about DownLoadNGo~check it out!

Just the name Amelia Earhart evokes a kind of mystery for me.  This once lady flyer lived in an era when it was quite daring for a woman to be so bold.  She led quite an interesting life with such a mysterious end that even today questions are unanswered.

But each day question are posted to your child so that learning will take place.  Questions about her life, about flight, her character and more!  The answers are available as your child navigates the information and creates the lapbook as a keepsake of the fun activities.

If you've never lapbooked then you may be wondering just how this method of learning works and what to do.  For parents there is a tutorial on how to do lapbooking with links to video instructions as well as a narrative by Stephanie Ruby.  I have to say that bit's a neat learning tool for young children.  I used this method with my church children to teach portions of the New Testament, and they loved it!  Be sure and allow your child to do all their own cutting and with your guidance putting the lapbook together.  (Remember your child's work is their own and you will be able to see their progress as they LEARN!  They are soooooooo proud work! Please allow your child this freedom to learn~it's so important to praise every step with gentle instruction!)  Stephanie has some good suggestions for making everything work beautifully! The tutorial videos are adorable~I loved watching the children in the video show just how lapbooking is done, and you might want to let your child see it too!  By using scissors and writing as well as gluing, your child will be building fine motor skills as well as educational knowledge about Ameila Earhart.  Lapbooking is GREAT for children!

Included are all the lapbooking components needed to complete the ONE WEEK~FIVE DAY STUDY that incorporates subjects:  historical biography, science, character and geography.  Activities: vocabulary words, research, question and answer, drawing and more~These are simple enough for the young child, but challenging enough for the experienced one as well!

Everything is here for a week of quality education and what's more, you will be able to spark a curiosity for flight and planes in your child!
I will suggest that extensions can be made for a field trip to the airport to see modern planes take off and land! If arranges you could get a tour of the plane and airport.

Each day there is a book list with SUGGESTED books that can be checked out from the public library.  Mrs. Bennettt is sure to let us know that these titles are just suggestions, but she does have links for you to purchase any of them.  Included are video online links to incorporate visual learning~have your speakers on so that all the sights and sounds can be enjoyed!  I was fascinated to watch these "peeks" into the past in the form of short 4-9 minute film that introduced me to the world of early flight: Amelia's world.  I can envision using this study to enhance a study of the early 20th century or a deeper science unit on flight, atmosphere or weather!

Much of the information is found on websites that is written for children, but some for older readers as well.  You will need to read to a young child and navigate the internet usage so that safety is assured.  The lapbook pages are beautiful and full color.  If you want black and white you could print in grayscale to preserve ink, but they are full color and nice!  This is not a coloring project or a book to read from but real lessons built into lapbooking studies for your child.

You will find what you need in this unit study to download it right away and teach without prep or worry!

The only thing you will need to have on hand are simple lapbooking supplies:
file folder
safety scissors
brass brads
glue stick

I find Download N Go to be complete and interesting!

Amelia Earhart, the first Biography themed Dwonload N Go study by Amanda Bennettt and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine will be  useful in teaching young children to around fourth or fifth grades about an amazing lady with tenacity and knowledge on the early days of flight.  These are affordable at $7.95 each; you can't go wrong.  There is a chart of projected studies planned for the next several months 


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