Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Out With the OLD and IN With the New!

It's the time of year for a check up from the neck up~to evaluate our homeschools; note that HOME is the first work of this compound word that drives ME CRAZY because my spell checker always notes it as misspelled! WELL...ha! But let me say that HOME is where all schooling is most important.  Home is the seat of where all learning takes place.  Just focusing on the 3-R's won't do the job, but looking well to the ways of our households with patience, love, joy, peace, long suffering, goodness, meekness, faith...Check out Ephesians 5 for the list of the FRUIT of the SPIRIT~God's Holy Spirit that is active in the life of the believer in Christ! Manifesting these in our home, our place of abode is the challenge each and every day!

I have teenagers.  No secret.  But I tell you, as proud as I am, there are just days . . . and the challenges and hurdles get high sometimes.  I remember having littles too.  Oh, now this is another set of unique challenges as well, but NONE OF THIS is impossible...ooookay, maybe it IS impossible without God.  But we must focus our eyes on the eternal not the present in our face stuff that keeps on happening everyday.

I want peace~I need to  be quiet.
I want joy~I need to laugh more.
I want faith~I need to trust and wait.
I want love~I need to give and receive.

There's a WHOLE BUNCH of JUNK I wanna throw out in 2010 that will take the whole year for irradiate from my life.  If I want the things or quality I believe is God designed, then I must fully find ways to place my whole being into the will of God whether I can see, touch, feel, or experience the thought of it at the time.  This is NOT going to be easy, but HIS GRACE is SUFFICIENT.  What a message and peace this is in every area of our lives. 

SO out with the JUNK~the old and IN with the NEW~God's will for my life, my family and ultimately our homeschool. 

Do you need to think about this like I have? What priorities need to be strengthened in 2010 to enrich your home and homeschool? 

I am wishing you all the most wonderful, fantabulous, grandious, gracefilled, fundawonderful NEW YEAR loving your family and hitting the books again very soon~education is the HOME and school is everywhere!

SisterTipster <3

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