Friday, November 6, 2009

Twas the Month Before Christmas~Decorating!

Ever notice that the stores are already stocked and chocked full of Christmas already? I've written about getting ready with gift giving~man o man, this is something we really need to do all year long~but that's a whole nuther post lol!

Decor is huge for this season for many people! What do you like to see at Christmas that without, it would not be Christmas? Is it the tree all decked out? The stockings hung? The mistletoe? What about the manger? Is this symbolic for you and your family? I've docorated big and small homes.  As a pastor family we have moved a few times and the style and size of our homes have varied.  Of course I have a certain "flavor" to my docorating.  It's pretty ecclectic.  I like lots of different stuff.  STUFF might be the operative here! But I want to suggest something I am going to do this year, just like I did last...less is more!

So I like to put out nativity scenes.  I have a confession: My house right now isn't really set up for a spare spot for one~not a surface clean enough without stacks of stuff or books...but I am working on it...and GUESS WHAT? I have my favorite nativity this year for our home.  It's one my mother hand painted in china paints in the 1970's that has been around most of my's gorgeous. The camels have jewels, there is a stable and star...she did such a nice job...I will have to take a pic for you to see~I like to decorate with fresh fruit and evergreens too...something about that smell...


Applesauce Cinnamon Ornaments
NOW here's my addition to what they've said:
I use puff paints to decorate them...use a straw to put a hole in the top for a hanger too before it dries...these will last and smell good for several seasons!  Any of the recipes there will work..I use the applesauce and just cinnamon one...but you pick...I like the heavy smell of cinnamon...I've hung these on the tree and in windows so the sun will heat them to make them smell divine!

Also another homemade neat ornament I love:

Orange and Clove Pomander
  • Take an orange
  • fork
  • whole cloves
Punch holes in an orderly manner to cover the entire orange with the fork.
Stick in the clove end all over the orange.
Tie with a ribbon or enclose in tulle with ribbons to hang, or you can just set in a pretty dish on a table or counter top~oh the wonderful aroma!

I also like pine cones for decorating:
I like to put them in baskets and set them around~beside the hearth or on a table.
I have soaked them in oil essence for aroma plus the pine smell...I have tipped them with glitter and hung them too...

 Evergreens and Fresh Fruit
When I had fireplace mantles, I would use evergreens (O the wonderful smell) and then I used fresh grapefruit, oranges and apples to set with white taper candles in holders throughout.  This was very Williamsburgish and smelled sooo good!

This year, I already have my basket of Buckeye nuts setting pine cones are can use magnolia cones too...

So how are you decorating for the season? NOW is the time...Christmas will be upon us and if we do this now, we can be free to enjoy our families and friends!
God bless,

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