Friday, November 13, 2009

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This is the ministry of the Lewis Family from TN:

Inside you will find:
  • Is There Not A Cause?
  • Remembering the Cost of Not Homeschooling
  • Family Matters: Seven Keys to Communication
  • Raising a Creative Child: Part 2: How You Can Understand Your Creative Child
  • 29 Wonderful Books to Enjoy With Your Family This Holiday Season
    • PLUS: A Christmas Bible Study Activity
  • Adventures in History: Good Duke Wenceslas
  • Inventions that Changed the World: The Wheel and Axle
  • Unit Study: Is There a Letter for Me?
  • Give it a Try: Fun Holiday Gifts the Scientific Way!
  • Who's His Hero?
  • From Creation to Bethlehem
  • Thankful for Homeschooling
    • PLUS: Grandma's Time
    • PLUS: Reasons We Can Be Thankful
    • PLUS: The Makings of a Homeschooler
  • How to Help Your Children Master Writing
  • Celebrating Christmas: How to Have a Christmas That Lasts the Whole Year
  • Once Upon a Homeschool: Another Tale of a Famous Home Scholar From the Past
  • Beginning Homeschooling: Evaluating the Options
  • Early Learning: Fresh Ideas to Help You Teach
  • High School: Staying the Course - Appreciating the Time, Maintaining the Vision
  • Bible Thinking vs. Greek Thinking
  • Homeschool Legal Minute: Basics for Record Keeping
  • The Underwhelmed Homeschooler: Choosing the Better Part
  • Management for Life: No Regrets, No Debts Holiday Celebrations
  • Mom Time with Kari: The Lesson of the Ivory Brooch
  • A Closer Look: Eight reviews of great homeschool resources!
  • Homeschool Chuckles: Are You a Homeschool Vet Yet?
If you haven't subscribed, this is a wonderful magazine in print that offers a FREE membership to Homeschool Legal Advantage which is the Christian Legal Defense Law Firm's arm for homeschooling families! Oh yeah, another wonderful advantage! AND YOU GET BOTH with a one year subscription which is an awesome deal!


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