Sunday, November 22, 2009

Throwing Myself a Party!

I have just a few more years homeschooling my two. With high school students, it won't be long, and while in some ways this makes me sad~I think I'm going to throw MYSELF a big party~BECAUSE I will have graduated! Oh I know, it's the kids who will literally graduate, but the whole thought of the years of work and prayer that will have gone into these two, maybe it's your 3, 4, 5.... at your house, it will definitely be a time for this MOM TO CELEBRATE!

AND I am going to party!

Today it looks like a long way off~I am casting my eye toward the horizon and plotting our course. COURSES to be exact! In fact, I plan much of what we study, and I also record what we study...but did you catch the "WE" in that? I think I have learned a ton too~Do I need a diploma as well?? Actually I am kidding about giving myself a diploma, but the idea of celebration is really appealing.

My party~

FOOD:  I will have a wonderful menu of all the great things I like to eat...I love ice cream~yup! That's what I'm going to have!

FUN:  Fun will mean doing something I want to do without asking, "guys, do you want to...?"

Fellowship is going to mean my hubby and I are going to get to talk without anybody else in the room or in the house or maybe even on the property~at least until I pack my bag to go visit the kids~which might be in an hour so so LOL! It will feel pretty strange I think, but my party is going to divert my attention from any ill feelings I might have over this whole business~Maybe I will take a cruise with all the money I won't be spending on educational supplies or maybe I'll go back to university myself~Ya think the kids will let me ride with them???

I am looking forward~straight into *my* party when this whole homeschool 'gig' is over! AND it's looking gooooooood! Yeah...Party Down! How many years did I say this will be?? Oh wait...a tear,'s coming~and I am planning...

You want to come to *my* party?
See you there!


Lynn said...

Sounds great! I'll join you.. I will have a party to when 'we' all graduate.. We have MANY years to go since with our upcoming adoption we have no idea the age of our new family member so who knows.. But sounds great to me.. "WE" all deserve one!! :)

jwiggins said...

I want to come but only if Its a pool party and I don't have to wear floaties or bring kids lol! I love you sister T party down!