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Fantasy fiction just isn't my bag, but I have found that my favorite books of all time are historical fiction.  As a teenager I read the St. Simon's Trilogy by Eugenia Price based on the real inhabitants of the area as researched by the author.  The three novels so intrigued me that in early adulthood I visited the historic church, Christ Church which today still has the original Tiffany stained glass and was the parish of the renouned minister and hymnist, Charles Wesley, brother of John Wesley.  John Wesley was rector of Christ Church in Savannah, Georgia for a short time while it was still Anglican who later became the father of the Methodist Church.

History has ALWAYS grabbed me...I am a native Savannian.  I am well aquainted with these areas Price writes about, and her story telling abilities make the characters come alive! 

Another notable thing about Ms Price in that she also wrote for a Christian radio theater program that is still on air, Unshackled of the Chicago Pacific Garden Mission.  Hubby and I visited this mission in 1990 when we were engaged~I have listened to this program for years without realizing that my favorite author had written for it! (You can still listen too as these are the stories of how Christ freed the teller from their sins to follow Christ in their life. It's carried by Moody Christian Radio on many local Christian stations.)

There are four books weave the history of the 13th colony and its founding city, Savannah. They will weave for you the tales of the past with the grandeur of the present in a facinating way.  Titles are:


To See Your Face Again
Before the Darkness Falls
Stranger in Savannah

These are wonderful and only preceed my love for the first Price books I have read:
The Beloved Invader
New Moon Rising
(St. Simon's Trilogy)
If you get the chance to either visit Savannah or tule on to St. Simon's Island, look up these wonderful historic novels for their wonderful captivating style and insight! Or if you are in Chicago, go to the Pacific Garden Mission and see the wonderful work they do in sharing Christ!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will find pleasure in meeting Eugenia Price
Wikipedia or GA Encyclopedia.

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