Tuesday, February 23, 2010

That Somebody in Our Life~

No, I'm not talking about our spouces, but this person could be our spouse.  I'm not talking about our mothers either, but again she OR our fathers could be this person to us...

It's the person in our life who THINKS WE CAN and therefore WE THINK WE CAN~\
it's the power of empowerment and encouragement from another!!  Do you have someone who is on your side, constantly affirming your presence unconditionally in this world? This could be a spouse or parent, a best friend or co-worker, a friend or pastor of the church or someone who knows us warts and all with LOVE and acceptance who continuously uplifts and encourages us to BE THE BEST us! 

This is one tall order, I know.  In fact, in my life I have had two of these who have lifted me~actually I can think of three who showed me love and if two were living would continually be a source of encouragment.  For it was Mary, an elderly friend who years ago told me I am resourceful~WHAT? ME??? It was she who said I was " the hostess with the mostess" meaning that she thought I could make anyone feel at home.  It was Mary who loved me and accepted me, encouraging me to the best I could ever become~her memory is soo special to me!  I had a school teacher who thought I was "special" too.  One who encouraged me to walk with God and do His will. I see her occasionally in life and she's such an encouragement even now...then there was the little lady in my church, Mrs. Jackson who with wavering gait and speech always had a word of encouragement for me! Did she know that it would mean so much? I don't want to gush about these people and what they did, because it feels funny to just tell it, but this kind of relationship is soo uplifting and it's really a call to do this for others.  I think this might be why I had these people in my life~to teach me this kind of love! WOW~do you have an encourager in your life? Are you one?  I have some wonderful girls who are the bestest friends a gal could EVER have! I wouldn't trade a one~YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! ;-)) But I am telling you, everyone needs somebody in our lives to love us and cast that vision of how good we can be on days we might not know or have forgotten it ourselves! AND for those of us with a tank full of love or wavering on empty, it's good to realize the best way to FILLUP is to give it away~become the encourager for others around us~what about our spouse and children? Do they know our love and support? AND the girls, do they know you think they "rock?"  Somebody in our life can encourage us to become somebody in the lives of others~

I am blessed! Somebody cared. I care!

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