Sunday, February 21, 2010

Did We Forget?

It's easy to overlook and forget things that aren't pleasant.  I think it's called "avoidance" by the psycho-guru world??  Well, after seeing a documentary film about the September 11, 2001 World Trade Towers ATTACK, I am convinced as a society~we are in an avoidance mode OR have just plain forgotten! I want to urge everyone to take a minute and check out some footage, some "old" articles or whatever you can find including some library books on this subject to REMEMBER the worst peace time attack on OUR NATION in recent history.  I had the privilage to see a documentary film on Netflix last night regarding the unconquerable spirit of America in the face of such terror~yes, terror.  This particular film is unique because it is made by several (about 30) independent filmmakers who are on the scene and contribute their footage and voice to such as was those days when America experienced the UNTHINKABLE. I never want to be a "dooms day prophet" EVER, but seeing and realizing that we are still a very vulnerable nation is quite unsettling~and we go about our lives, with a lase-fare attitude because somehow, it wasn't my child, parent or co-worker or friend who was taken, stolen from the world on that day.  We've allowed our hearts to forget and avoid this pain so that we go on as we must each day, but the negative is that if we do forget, is it possible we are even more vulnerable to something in the future as bad or even worse?  I know that any manner of remorse and grief does not alter the past, but I also know that pain can create change.  We THINK we've chosen change when we remain not only as vulnerable as ever, but in many ways have become more so by harboring the attitudes that will allow a villian to come to us again~and in front of our eyes, our faces!!

Dear Gentle Readers, PLEASE educate yourself on the events surrounding this event in our nation's history~and when you do, educate your children to love and honor our nation and our people~yes, it's ours; we are ours!  There's a war going on that we must battle to overcome oppression in the world to keep our national interests secure.  It begins in our hearts and minds.  Let's take another look-see and REMEMBER 911 well before this upcoming 9th anniversary.  It's horrible and not fun, I know.  I love to laugh and be happy, but the inheriant happiness I enjoy is lost IF my nation falls to terror.  I must REMEMBER and act.

My actions include self education, prayer and then educating my children to stand for freedom and national pride.  We are keepers of the spirit of America in our homes, and we can influence our families to love God keep His commandments AND honor our One Nation Under God~INDIVISIBLE with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL, all within our borders.

God bless America! Home of the free BECAUSE of the BRAVE~this is us as well as our military! We must be brave enough to face down the painful memories and seek God and a higher cause to love our nation.

If you would like to watch a very good film (over an hour on 9/11, please go to the
9-11 The Falling Man
Like Pearl Habor we must NEVER forget!

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