Thursday, February 18, 2010


WHAT IS UP with the Mamas who act like their homeschools and kids are just perfect? Anyone out there struggling like I have over the years? Anybody LIKE ME?   It's the most irking thing to read where a Mom is braggin and post'n about her wonderful family and all giddy-happy~~and some of us are in the trenches SURVIVING and pressing onward in a job that is tough, lonely and unique.  There are soo many of us swimming up stream in a RIVER where we are the only ones! I know! I have YET to be in a church family where I had other homeschoolers to fellowship with! It's been 9 years!!! Oh yeah, we've been in co-ops.  Some were the best experiences, and others WE WERE FURTHER ISOLATED and sometimes mistreated! Yeah, I'm TELL'N It! I am soo sick to death of the pride and arrogance of some! We all~yes, ALL of us are in the same little boat, paddling up that current AGAINST the GRAIN to homeschool~but why do some feel self righteous and smug? Is it pride? OR DO I misunderstand.  Are they just masking a greater feeling that appears soo different?

"Why can't we be friends?" is a line from a 1970's funk song discussing differences~WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT! even in our homeschools! No two family is going to be the same for sure! I believe we should encourage each other in love and support~what does this look like? I've seen some pretty awesome homeschooled kids reach out to new comers or those very shy to encourage them~AND I HAVE SEEN SOME awful homeschooled kids ignore and marginalize kids too! WHY won't we all reach beyond our percieved barriers and encourage each other in love and support to the greater good?

I WANT TO SAY that we should put away~disolve our haughty ways and reach out to one who needs us~ AND we won't know who this could be a mom who looks like she's all together AND the one who is obviously falling apart.  We Christians are KNOWN (if you didn't know it-I am TELL'N It!) for killing off our wounded and not binding up the wounds of brokeness so often! WE CAN LOVE EACH OTHER~even the unlovely~not just the unChristian, but the

There is HOPE for everyone in the Family of God and just because someone "doesn't fit with me" or "doesn't meet my needs" or some other such that we should cast them off~Oh IF our Lord did that to us!

Lets bust out this pride and arrogance and see all around us as an opportunity for fellowship and care.  It's not about me, but WE!
God bless HOMESCHOOLING and all the homeschoolers!


jwiggins said...

Girl EVERYONE needs to read this. And can you send a special copy to a "holier then thou" in my own life. I am sick to death of the nastiness and being looked down on because I am not in the same season in life as a fourty something year old! It is just as you said they are bored and need to feel important! I am over it. In fact I am so over it I am not clicking the link to any DISCOURAGING homeschool sites any longer! THANK YOU SISTER T for addressing this!

Sheri said...

Huh-you been that fly on my shoulder when I am at various HS activities and see that stuff too? Sad-is what it is. People look at me shocked when I am like, "yeah, I am so burned out-I want to just pack a bag and run for it." and I dunno why??? That is what I feel like at times-why is it taboo to say it? Maybe it is their own fear or recognition of that thought that sends shivers down their spines? Maybe. I just hope my blogs are not presenting our life as perfect or wonderful good and nothing bad...that is not my intent-nor of many, many others. I just don't talk about it too much b/cuz it is just too depressing. But again-I haven't been talking much outside of reviews lately-so maybe it is time for a similar post? Hmmm.

Sounds like you have a specific situation in mind with this post-I am so sorry you had to experience this too. Guess folks never truly outgrow their high school clique-ish behavior and need to puff themselves up...sad.

Well said-and hey-you can hang with me anytime-as I am not a perfect mom, nor do I even attempt to promote the fact that we are a perfect hsing fam...that is actually rather laughable-so come on over and we'll chat- :0)
(and I have not had another family who homeschools in our church either)...

blessings to ya!

Bobby and Jennifer said...

I will admit that my blog post are on the positive side of our homeschooling. The pictures I take are after I moved the "mess" out of the view of my camera and it "looks" perfect. Yes, my post may be snobbish. But my blog is... for me.... a record of our homeschool journey. When things do work out.
I have been in many groups where I was looked down on. A lot of that has to do with being shy myself and having walls up over relationships from the past. The small homeschool group I am a part of is a total of 5 ladies and our kids. Boy are we all different and it took us over 3 years to be the help to each other that we are. The ladies in our group range from the 24 year homeschool veteran to the very young mom just starting her journey and let us not forget the hippy mom of our group (she is a challenge-but we love her just the same)
Where we live is very rural. Getting to know people is almost impossible. I spend weeks, alone with my children and my messy house, but I don't think that is something to air to the rest of the world. I will save that for the moms in our group.
Our church is small, the only other homeschoolers were the pastor and his wife, who's children are in college. This community that I live in has a population of 300 and 3 churches to serve them. Our church is not our homeschool outlet its the place for worship.
This post hit me kinda hard only because there was a time that I felt others should be reaching out to me...... and they never did. I kept meeting people, some were great then they would move away and some have just become an acquaintance. A few of them I (& my kids) have become friends with.
Don't let what other people do in their homeschool get to you. Most of us are too busy with raising our kids to really get involved outside of the home. I have settled for chatting on Facebook with most of them and getting out for a moms night out once every couple of months. The rest doesn't really matter.