Tuesday, February 16, 2010

History~Medieval World Susan Wise Bauer

You KNOW I LOVE history! In our homeschool, it has taken a preeminent place in the education of our children.  Much of their education has centered around it~other subjects woven into support its study and pursuit.  Susan Wise Bauer's The History of the Midieval World: From the Conversion of Constantine to the First Crusade is NEWLY released (Feb. 22nd), and I have had the opportunity to read it for review!  If you are familiar with Mrs. Bauer's work, The Well Trained Mind with her mother, Jessie Wise then you know what an important new book this is to education.  This is the second of her adult level (although I believe a well read high schooler will benefit) history series; the first, The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome.    My children and I have read the children's series: The Story of the World: History For the Classical Child (volumes1-4) in our history studies and really enjoyed them! This is the upper level series with much much more detail and imagery! With over 700 pages this is a thorough account of how Christianity became the major player in the western world when prior to Constantine it was not mainstream or even well tolerated.

I find this book exciting and think every high schooler and adult should read it too!

Please know that you can get this at The Well Trained Mind (Peace Hill Press)and you can get a signed copy too! Whoohoo! Check this out! IF you are just getting started with young children,  I recommend the children's series. 
The History of the Medieval World will be released February 22~

The History of the World~GOTTA KNOW IT! This is essential info for life!

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