Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I'm on day 2 of the 2011 Gratitude Challenge, and I'm SOOOO THANKFUL to be 94#s DOWN from my original weight back in April 2010...THIS IS GREAT NEWS~however, I still have MO TO GO...but! FOCUSING on my blessings~here's the ditty on what this has done for me:

1. RENEWED sense of self.  I feel so much better about me. I'm still a great big fat woman (no way to deny this any longer or cover it up~BUT I am looking but more importantly FEELING MO LIKE ME! WOOT!)

2. NEW vigor and energy.  I'd like to say I'm ready to run the marathon I hope to at least power walk one day if not RUN~BUT no! It will be a while...however, it's amazing HOW BAD I felt and honestly I feel so good I really didn't KNOW HOW BAD I was kidding...(hey, and HOW MUCH better WILLL I feel??? Oh yeah! ;-)) THIS IS exciting!

3.  I can BUY CLOTHES.  For you gals out there who haven't been in the shape I've been in ~you won't 'get' this...but, I couldn't go in a store and pick out a thing even in the great big fat shops...NOPE.  I couldn't.  I don't wear tight clothing or other ill fitting duds, so I was relegated to catalog shopping or sewing my think THAT was fun? Oh, it did the job, and I was clothed and I looked as 'nice' as was possible...nothing WORSE imho than ill-fitting clothing on a person...but anyway, I am blessed! YOU SHOULD SEEEEE the 90 gal tub of clothes I can NO LONGER WEAR that are leaving my life~TY Lord!  And then, there's the JOY~SHEER JOY of going into the local walmart and while it's not ideal~BEING ABLE to buy an article IF I WANT TO...PTL! I'm like a kid in a candy store and honestly don't know WHAT I WANT...options are a good thing! OH YES!

4.  LESS MIND CLUTTER.  I am looking with HOPE to my future.  HOPE...ever been sick and tired and had no HOPE? Well, even in a faith based life~LIFE can seem difficult to reach...BEEN THERE-DONE THAT and thanks to the Lord, I'm on the up-swing! I'm cleaning out and clearing out...might even get rid of things I'd NEVER dreamed of with a renewed sense of 'less is definitely MO!'...

5.  BUSY and MO busy.  I'm not bored nor overwhelmed.  LIFE IS feeling pretty right.  I'm on a spiritual/mental and emotional journey that I won't graduate from~oh no! I'm here...FOR't ask me about my DIEt...this is NOT it at all..and never worked for me...I'm on the 12 step recovery~spiritual healing to fix what ails this mind and body kind of LIFER program One Day At a Time...and you know what? I'm working it daily and everyday~MULTIPLE times a day...So yep, I'm busy...but it's all good!

Thanks for stopping in to SEE MY PROGRESS~I'll post up a post of some of my changes IN me...I think all but a more recent pic~let's see....Yup, HERE it is...



Hey, join on up and count your blessings day by day this November and really DO some THANKS GIVING! CLICK that button up top! woot!


Heidi said...

Wow! Good for you!

Loving learning at Home said...

How amazing for you! Great job.

Stacie said...

Sister T,

I am here thanking God for you and your progress. Not only that, but also thanking Him for the ways in which you share your story. . the good, the bad and the in between!


Annie Kate said...

Great that you've come such a long way!! I've been wondering how you've been doing and it's so good to read about your progress.

Blessings as you keep on going through the holiday season!

Annie Kate
PS the Fit Mommy check-in is ongoing at my blog, so if you want to get involved again, hop on over! :)