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I know you won't blame me for trying to get the most possible for my wares, but also realize I am going to purge these bookcases and basement! 
Thanks so much~
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I will describe the item and condition as best I can/I've included ISBN where I've thought to look~you can google many of these~

Teaching Text Books Alg I Student Work Text and Test/Answer Key BRAND NEW in shrink wrap NEVER opened~

Mystery of History I  Used with shelf wear and writing. This is the first edition and no audio.

Mystery of History II Used with shelf wear and writing. This is the first edition and no audio.

TruthQuest History Study Guides Ancient Egypt & Ancient Greece by Michelle Miller:  c 2003 USED and older white cover with spiral binding.  Ink scribble on cover and some highlighting in text. Overall clean but shelf wear.

TruthQuest History Study Guides Middle Ages (500-1400) c.2004 USED but in very good condition. Minimal shelf wear and very clean with just a few pages of ink writing (my notes.)  Newer blue teal green cover as per current web view.

TruthQuest History Study Guides Age of Revolution II (1800-1865)  Never used, but minimal shelf wear/no writing.

TruthQuest History Study Guides Age of Revolution III (1865-2000) Never used, but minimal shelf wear/no writing,

TruthQuest History Study Guides American History For Young Students I (Exploration-1800) USED some writing and creased pages/little shelf wear.

TruthQuest History Study Guides American History For Young Students II (1800-1865)  USED some writing/highlighting (light yellow~minimal) with back cover missing.  ALL pages present and minimal shelf wear

TruthQuest History Study Guides American History For Young Students III (1865-2000) USED some pencil writing (tiny bit) with minimal shelf wear

Streams of Civilization Volume I hardcover  Christian Liberty Press Very good condition. Minimal shelf wear

Geneive Foster World books~Augustus Caesar's World used.

What Life Was Like When... Time Life hardcover books: I'd like to sell these as a set also~if not let me know ;-))

What Life Was Like:
At the Dawn of Democracy
In the Age of Chivalry
When Longships Sailed
When Rome Ruled the World
Hard covers with jackets like new.

Foundlings (Review copy) Like new soft cover

Language Arts Today (McGraw Hill) hard cover 5-6th grade all inclusive language arts student text.

Veritas Press: Middle Ages, Reneiassance and Reformation Teacher's Manual (goes with teaching cards) Softcover USED Minimal shelf wear and could have some writing (my notes)

 Sojorner Truth by W. Terry Whalin softcover (Young Christian Library Readers) (222pages good condition)

Paul by Dan Larsen (Young Christian Library Readers) (218 pages good condition)

The Human Body by Gallimard Jeunesse And Sylvaine Perols  Schoolastic First Discovery Book  hard cover/spirial bound (very good condition wipe pages w/ transluents you can do overlays of body systems)

Go With Christian by Alan and Linda Parry Pilgrim Progress for Young Children (pop up and pull out) (ISBN 084991305-5) Like New condition

The Best Book of Ancient Rome  by Deborah Murrell (ISBN 0753457563)  Like New condition 29 pages hard cover

Whole Language Theme Unit: My Body  Grades 3-4  softcover (ISBN 1568220138) USED

Grammar and Compostion IV (ISBN 76252002)softcover USED

PreAlgebra Basic Arithmetics II 2nd Ed Teacher Key (ISBN # 25771006) USED some writing and notes 462 pgs0

Algebra I Solution KEY (ISBN#6681809)  USED Binding tight with some shelf wear 434pgs

Algebra I Solution KEY (ISBN#26248009) USED Binding tight with some shelf wear 439pgs

Alg I Video Test/Quiz Solution Key (ISBN#61646001)USED 38pgs

Alg I Test Booklet Teacher Key Test Booklet (ISBN#37583010) USED46 pgs

Alg I Student Quiz Booklet Teacher Key, Quiz Booklet (ISBN#42331009) USED 113 pgs

Skills & Review Consumer Mathematics 2nd ED (ISBN#2662 006) USED 184pgs

Skills & Review Consumer Mathematics 2nd ED (ISBN#2662 006) USED 184pgs

Consumer Mathematics 2nd Ed TEACHER KEY & SOLUTIONS (ISBN#2663007) USED 299 pgs

Consumer Mathematics 2ne Ed Tests & Quizes (ISBN#26654007) USED 136 pgs

Business Mathematics 2nd Ed Work Test (ISBN#67946006) USED 510pgs some writing in pencil

Business Mathetics Tests/Quizes (ISBN#67970003) USED 149pgs

Business Mathematics Work Text Teacher Ed (ISBN#67954003) 559pgs

CIVICS Activity Book National, State and Local Studies (ISBN# 35459008) USED with some pencil writing but easily usable.  Minimal shelf wear.

Our American Heritage 3rd Ed. Abeka Book 58246009 Soft Cover USED shelf wear bent pages some writing (3rd Grade History American History from Columbus forward...)

Coloring Books (I used these when my kids were younger as activities to illustrate the readings as we studied.)
Treasure Island Coloring Book (clean and old~nothing used in it/some bent pages) USED during oral reading for coloring activity.

An Education Read & Color Book of:
(these are 3 by Spizziri Press Inc~well drawn and loads of other resources from this pub~love his work! It says Museum Quality/Currator Approved (and in fact, I got them at some Indian mounds in TN)  USED with minimal shelf wear and no marks

1.  Southwest Indians  ISBN 0-86545-075-7  31 pages
2.  Northeast Indians  ISBN 0-86545-040-4   31 pages
3.  Southeast Indians  ISBN  0-86545-065-x   31 pages

DOVER Coloring Books:
A.G. Smith Abraham Lincoln Coloring Book  ISBN 0-486-25361-9 48 pages USED with minimal shelf wear and no marks
Old-Fashioned Farm Life Coloring book Nineteenth-Cdentury Activites of the Firestone Farm at Greenfield Village by A.G. Smith ISBN 0-486-26148-4  Minimal shelf wear and no marks

Setting Up Stones  A Parent's Guide to Making Your House a Place of Worship  by Martha and Greg Singleton ISBN 1-59669-219-7  156 pages  Like New

If You Lived In Colonial Times by Ann McGovern (Schoolastic) ISBN 0-590-45160-x  USED bent edges/shelf wear (2 pages with one word each marker writing)

Pecos Bill A Tall Tale Retold and Illustrated by Steven Kellogg  ISBN 0-688-09924-6 USED minimal shelf wear

...if you grew up with Abraham Lincoln by Ann McGovern (Schoolastic) No ISBN (classic softcover book with minimal shelf wear. Orig price is .45 cents so you know it's older) pages are yellowed fair but very usable condition  USED  79 pgs  b/w sketch drawn illustrations

Great Tales Johnny Appleseed ISBN 77031-08191-9  USED no marks but has paint or something on the cover at the bottom near the author's name. Large colorful pictures shelf wear

Davy Crocket Young Pioneer by Laurence Santry (Troll Pub) ISBN 0-89375-848-5 USED shelf wear yellowed pages but very usable with no marks Good b/w sketched pictures

Early American History A Literature Approach by Rea C. Berg (for grades K-3rd) c 1992 Beautiful Feet Books (self published by author) 33 pgs USED  with writing and heavy shelf wear. 

Stider by Beverly Cleary (Sequel to Dear Mr. Henshaw) (Schoolastic) ISBN 0-439-14804-9 152 pages New with shelf wear~never read binding not broken in at all.

The Dead Tree by Alvin Tresselt USED hardcover children's book with beautiful illustrations.  From the 1970s shelf wear but in good condition considering age. Clean with no marks

The Little Rascals Storybook  (Schoolastic) 1994 ISBN 0-590-48851-1  Soft cover USED 32 pgs no writing shelf wear pics are from the movie

Hellen Keller by Margaret Davidson   (Schoolastic) 95 pages  older 60 cents soft cover/cover edges are cracket and bent in two places. Book is slightly yellowing due to age but clean with no marks.  Shelf wear is present. B/W/red illustrations

Finding the Titanic  (Schoolastic Hello Reader Gr 2/3 Level 4) by Robert D. Ballard ISBN 0-590-47230-5
softcover shelf ware with no writing   illustrations are photos from movie/historic

Prairie School by Lois Lenski  hardcover ISBN 0-397-30194-4  c. 1951 Minimal shelf wear/very slight yellowing not much at all~hand drawn b/w illustrations 196 pgs

Poetry for Young People William Shakespear (Schoolastic)  0-439-35771-3 slightly USED with min shelf wear~gorgeous full color illustrations   48pgs

Abe Lincoln The Young Years (Troll Assciates) 0-89375-751-9 USED shelf wear slightly yellowed no writing/clean  b/w drawn illustrations  48 pgs

Heaven Your Real Home by Joni Eareckson Tada ISBN 0-310-50140-7 Hardcover USED minimal shelf wear/dust jacket 215 pgs

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson (Newbery Award)  0-590-13200-8 softcover like new minimal shelf wear b/w illustrations chapter book 128 pgs

Shoebag by Mary James (Schoolastic)  0-590-43030-0  softcover like new with shelf wear~GOTTA TELL YOU: this is a book about a COCKROACH who turns into a little boy...LOL....  135 pgs

A Shooting Star A Novel About Annie Oakley  by Sheila Soloman Klass  0-440-41493-8  softcover like new with some minor shelf wear 173 pages

We Hold These Truths A Documentary History of the United States   c.1960 softcover USED with shelf wear and yellowed pages 376 pgs first page has tear.These are 68 documents with commentary that shaped the US.

Susanna Wesley Servant of God by Sandy Dengler 0-8024-8414-x  USED cover has imperfections and shelf wear/pages yellowed.  207 pgs

History Channel Presents: Modern Marvels: Inventions That Rocked the World (Schoolastic)   0-439-55707-0  Softcover USED 74pgs Shelf wear

Voices from the Fields Children of Migrant Farmworkers Tell Their Stories by S. Beth Atkin  (Schoolastic) 0-439-27054-5  Softcover minimal shelf wear but like new  illustrations are photos and this is a biography of these children.  96 pgs

A Memoir Barbara Bush ISBN 0-02-519635-9 Hardcover with jacket USED clean and min shelf wear 575 pgs  Biography

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling (Schoolastic) 0-439-36213-x  USED paperback  some shelf wear

All About the States Search A Word Puzzles 0-486-29400-5  Softcover USED shelf wear present/few pages with min writing(found only one and it's in highlighter (one word circled))

Shiloh Season 2nd Book in the Shiloh Trilogy by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor 0-689-80646-9 BC  USED Cover worn with shelf wear and inside cover with name/clean/back inside cover damaged

American Diaries: Nell Dunne~Ellis Island 1904 by Kathleen Duey  0-689-83555-8  Softcover USED shelf wear OLD library book with stickers and stamps of library.

American Diaries: Janey G. Blue~Pearl Harbor 1941 by Kathleen Duey  0-689-84404-2 Softcover USED shelf wear OLD library book with stickers and stamps of library.

My Prayer Book ~The Lord's Prayer /The Lord is My Shepherd (padded board book) gold leaf edges clean with minimal shelf wear/some light light indents on cover~multi cultural children ;-))

Souvenir book: Indians of America Full color Illustrations of the Indians of America ~older paperback book about 30-50 pages gorgeous photos on Native Amer in full ceremonial dress/has map and sign language~USED with some shelf wear no marks.

Indians c.1973 softcover about 30-50 pgs with full color gorgeous illustrations of Native Amer in full ceremonial dress~similar book to the Souvenir book, but smaller size. USED shelf wear no marks

Enrichment Reading Level 6 Take Tenn Publication is literature readings with comprehension questions. Self published  (Amer history supplemental reading~has vocab as well) USED shelf wear no marks 75 pgs

...If you Lived At the Time of the Civil War by Kay Moore (Schoolastic) 0-590-45422-6 softcover USED some shelf wear

...If You Traveled on The Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine (Schoolastic) 0-590-45156-1 softcover USED some shelf wear

Moses God's Helper by William E. Young Hardcover Broadman Press c.1976 shelf wear and clean

High School Biology in Your Home by Bridget Ardion  - Student Manual -(loose leaf pages for binder)

United States US State Map - tablet - Apprx 25 - left - used - unused somewhat bent

Science Weekly - composting - level Pr A, A, B, C, D, E & teaching notes 
[one copy each]

Treasury of Illustrated Classics - The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

Treasury of Illustrated Classics - Frankenstein - Mary Shelley

A Dalmatian Press Children's Classic - Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

VocabAhead - One Thousand Sat Vocabulary Videos and Mp3s - The Entertaining and Effortless Vocabulary Building Solution  CD

Web Design for Kids (...And Curious Grown-Ups!)  - Fundamental DVD instruction on learning Basic HTMlL to create web pages and websites - New

 Math 7 - A teaching Texbook by Gren Sabouri and Shawn Sabouri with automated grading
(3 out of 4 solution CD-roms included)

A Child's Story of America - Second edition

Our America - Geography and History - 1986 edition

Handbook of Grammar & Composition - fourth edition by James A. Chapman

The Write Foundation - Essay Writing Instructions - Step by Step Lesson Plans Examples, Checklists, Grading System and More by Rebecca Celsor (softcover spiral bound)

The Write Foundation - Sentence to Paragraph Writing Instructions  - Step by Step Lesson Plans Examples, Checklists, Grading System and More by Rebecca Celsor (softcover spiral bound)

Solutions and Tests for Exploring Creation with General Science - 2nd edition - Wile softcover

Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra - Answer Key & Test Bank, Solutions CDs, Test Solutions CD, Lecture and Practice

Business Mathematics - In Christian Perspective - Work-Text

Business Mathmatics Tests/Quizzes

Business Mathematics - In Christian Perspective - Work-text

Mind Benders - Deductive Thinking Skills - A1 by Anita Harnadek softcover

In the Hands of a Child - project pack - CD rom - Hocpp1249 the Holocaust

Music for Today's Children by Butler-Kirkland-Leach-Adams hardcover older book with cloth cover used and worn

High School Biology in Your Home - Text - by Bridget Adroin softcover spiral bound

Exploring Creation With General Science 2nd edition - Wile hardcover

The World Past and Present - The World Around Us - Blackline Masters - Plays - Demeter & Persephoni - The Sword in the Stone  softcover

Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 - Answer Key and Test Bank

Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 - Solutions CD

Abeka Paul's Missionary Journeys - Flannel Map Study Series - Teacher Key

Abeka Algebra 1 - Test Booklet - Teacher key, Test Booklet

Abeka Algebra 1 Video Test/Quiz Solution Key

Abeka Algebra 1 - Solution Key

Abeka Algebra 1 - Solution Key

Abeka Consumer Mathematics in Christian Perspective - Skills and Review Exercises - Second Edition

Abeka Consumer Mathematics in Christian Perspective - Skills and Review Exercises - Second Edition

Abeka Algebra 1 - Student Quiz Booklet - Teacher Key, Quiz Booklet

Abeka Consumer Mathematics in Christian Perspective - Skills and Review Exercises - Second Edition

Abeka Pre-Algebra Basic Mathematics II - Second Edition - Teacher Key - Traditional Math Work-Text

Abeka Consumer Mathematics in Christian Perspective - Test/Quiz Key

Abeka Consumer Mathematics  in Christian Perspective Teacher Ed 2nd Ed

Abeka Pre Alg Basic Math 2  Test and Quizes   Test/ Quiz Key

Abeka Alg I Test/Quiz Key

Abeka Solution Key to Alg II Tests/ Quizes

Abeka Alg 2 TEXT c.1987

Abeka PreAlg Solution Key Traditional Math Work Text

Abeka Business Math Solution Key

Abeka Consumer Math in Christian Perspective Solution/Answer key

Abeka Alg 2 Test Key

Abeka Alg 1 2nd Ed. (TEXT)

Abeka Alg 1 TEXT

Abeka Alg 2 Text Solution Key

Abeka Consumer Math in Christian Perspective 2nd Ed

Abeka Basic Math 1 Traditional Work Text for Christian School Teacher Test/Quiz Key

Abeka Our Solar System Facts, Stories Activities by Ian Grahan softcover ISBN 059047622X Schoolastics
Abeka Matter and Motion in God's Universe (TEXT)   ISBN 25836008  (softcover)

The Handy Science Answer Book (softcover) 2nd ed  ISBN 157859099X (Carnagie Library of Pittsburg)

Abeka Let's Be Healthy  (TEXT) ISBN 1561X010  softcover

Rocks and Fossils by Chris Pellant  ISBN 0753456192  hardcover

Totally Amazing Spiders (softcover) ISBN 0307201600

Totally Amazing Plants (softcover)  ISBN 03072011678

Totally Amazing Rainforests (softcover) ISBN 0307201635

Totally Amazing Natural Disasters (softcover) ISBN 0307201651

Eyewitness Books  Universe (softcover) ISBN 0756603846

Dinosaurs Eye to Eye ~The Predator's Prey  ISBN 1577556757 (softcover)

Abeka Grammar and Composition 2 by James A Chapman Teacher Key spiral softcover

Memoria Press Christian Studies Book 1 (softcover) ISBN 1930953909 (Teacher Manual)

Memoria Press Christian Studies Book 1 softcover (student book) ISBN 1930953895

Memoria Press Famous Men of Rome by John Haren  ISBN 1930953 softcover

Memoria Press Famous Men of Rome Student Guide ISBN 1930953801 softcover

Memoria Press Famous Men of Rome Teacher Guide ISBN 193085381X softcover

Dinosaurs to DoDos ~Encyclopedia of Extent Animals by Don Lessem hard cover ISBN 0590316842

Explore America Tours of Discovery Through Our Magnificent Country by AAA (hardcover) ISBN 1550011405

Abeka Health in Christian Perspective Test/Quiz Key softcover

Abeka Choosing Good Health Answer Key softcover

Abeka Choosing Good Health Teacher Key, Student Test and Study Booklet softcover

Abeka Observing God's World ISBN 15172011 (text)

Abeka Observing God's World Answer Key

Abeka Observing God's World Quiz Booklet Key

Abeka Observing God's World Test Booklet Key

Mammoth Cave softcover by John Wagoner ISBN 093647808X

Birds in Your Backyard by Barbara Herkert ISBN 1584690259 softcover

A Dorling Kindersley Book~How Children Lived~A First Book of History  ISBN 1564588769 hardcover

Young Christian Library Readers:  paperback readers good condition (most are like new/some shelf wear)
Ruth  ISBN 1557481733
Mirrium ISBN 1557483507
David Livingston ISBN 1557482594
David ISBN 1577486021
Noah, Builder of the Ark  ISBN 1577486544
Samuel ISBN 1577485165

My Book of Devotions~the Guide for Parents and Kids About Self Control  ISBN 1416915788 paperback

The Frontiersman~The Real Life and Many Legends of Davy Crockett  by Mark Derr hardcover with jacket
ISBN 0688096565

Totally Bizzare~Exploring the World of Unsolved Mysteries paperback ISBN 1588650928

Understand Revelation in One Day by Roger Miller, MD  ISBN 159684096X  softcover

The Song of the Three Holy Children hardcover by Pauline Baynes  ISBN 0805001344

Viking Adventure by Clyde Robert Bulla  hardcover cloth covered older book library of congress 639208

Abeka Rosa by Elaine Cunningham  softcover ISBN 59668001 (5th gr reader)

Abeka Of America 2  softcover ISBN 18473010 (5th gr)

Abeka United Kingdom Kings of Israel A Student Study Outline A  ISBN 22055008

Abeka Themes in Literature Book 3 softcover  ISBN 17000011

Children of Bible Days hardcover by Florence Hearn (hardcover from church library older book~decent condition) Broadman Press

Abeka Choosing Good Health ISBN 18635010 softcover

Blood and Guts A Working Guide to Your Insides by Linda Allison ISBN 0316034436 softcover

The St Martin's Handbook 2nd Ed by Andrea Lunsford and Robert Conners ISBN 0312053673 hardcover

Youth On Mission Accept the Challenge Vol 9 ISBN 1563096544 softcover


The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Summer 2009
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Spring 2010
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Summer 2010
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Winter 2009
Answers Magazine from Answers in Genesis Vol 5 No 1 Jan-Mar 2010
Answers Magazine Vol 5 No2 April-June 2010
Homeschool Enrichment Mag Issue 47 Sept-Oct 2010
Homeschool Enrichment Mag Issue 44 Mar-Apr 2010
Homeschool Digest Quarterly Journal For Family Discipline Vol 19 No 2 (Wisdom's Gate) 2009
NATHHAN/CHASK National Challenged Homeschoolers/Christian Homes and Special Kids Fall/Winter 09-10

The X-Ray Picture Book of Incredible Creatures by Schoolastics ISBN 0531186385 softcover

The Human Body Systems place mat with muscles and skeleton, five sense and circulatory, respiratory, digestive systems shown by Painless Learning Placemats

Young Musicians ISBN 005174615 (Lifeway)

Music Makers 5.2 Lifeway ISBN 005174611

Cassette Album:  Heritage of Our Country Character Building Famous Characters Vol 4:  Traveling Tunes,  Bicycle & Kites, The Ugly Ducking of Baseball, The Disappearing Light, Yankee Woman, Persecuted and Betrayed    Album is cracked but tapes are good.

Genesis Finding Our Roots by Ruth Beechick hardcover like new ISBN 094031911X

Who is God and Can I Really Know Him by Hay & Webb ISBN 9781935495079 Apologia Press LIKE NEW

Songs For Music Time Vol 2 Lifeway  softcover ISBN 0767393465  spiral bound music for preschoolers

Teaching Textbooks Math 7 Answer Booklet ISBN 9780974903675

Abeka Grammar & Compostion 3 Teacher Key spiral book used

Abeka Primary Bible Reader Selected KJV Passages for Young Readers ISBN 53694006 softcover

Abeka Genesis First Things 11-12  ISBN 59358008

Abeka Genesis First Things 11-12 Test Key

Abeka Themes in Literature Test/Quiz Key ISBN 25631011

Abeka Divided Kingdom Kings of Israel B Teacher Key ISBN 32298007

Abeka Grammar and Composition 3 Test/Quiz Key ISBN 71803002

Young People of the Bible hardcover older book (stories of children in Bible)

The Nature of Life Earth, plants, Animals, Man and Their Effect on Each Other by Lorus & Marjorie Millne  Library of Congress # 72130316 hardcover older book w/jacket

This is the United Nations by M. Lasek  hardcover older (children's book) ISBN 6812093

Exploring KY Copy Masters and Teaching Guide Heath Social Studies softcover book on the state of KY used

The American Pageant by Thomas A. Bailey  ISBN 0618103538 USED college Amer history book

Let's Travel in France by Darlene Geis  hardcover ISBN  6420807  USED

Young People's Story of the Americas Canada, Mexico, and South America hardcover USED

Human Body Revealed (DK book)  ISBN 0789488825  hardback very good condition

The Bridge to the Latin Road partially USED binder with materials

Abeka State and Local Government ISBN 63665006

Abkea Science Order and Reality  ISBN 25909010

Teaching Students With Special Needs in Inclusive Settings IDEA 2004  softcover ISBN 0205470327

Foundations First Sentences and Paragraphs With Readings by Kirszner-Mandell Instructor's Annotated Edition ISBN 0312394233

Story of the Middle Ages by McHugh (Christian Liberty Press)  softcover ISBN 1930367775  USED good condition

Egypt by McDonald hardcover ISBN 0382061128 Used older book with loads of pics

Prince of  Egypt  by Dreamworks hardcover  USED book illustrations based on film

The Western Heritage Vol 2 Since 1648 USED softcover college text book

In A Class of Her Own ISBN 1419032127  like new softcover

The Three Musketeers by A. Dumas  hardcover children's classic illustrated w/larger print

World Civilizations 6th Ed Study Guide Vol 1 ISBN 0393951030  USED work text

Voices of Ancient Egypt by Kay Winters hardcover w/ jacket very good condition

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