Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Little Help From MY Friends~

Having a good friend can help in so many ways, especially with homeschooling.  Having support from a personal friend as well as friends who we can access on line in groups such as yahoo groups where folks who have a common interest such as a common curriculum or age group brings us together in a "virtual" way so that we can gain the experiences of others.  Homeschooling groups are another valuable friend finding outlet for homeschoolers, as well as our families. Often though, unless we can find those who are understanding or accepting of home education there can be misunderstanding which might lead to conflict.  An example would be extended family such as grandparents who are not in favor of homeschooling who will "hammer" to get the practice changed in the home...whew~who needs that? NOW we can't throw out our families, but we can limit what negative influences they can have IF in fact it's negative.  I take all comments on advisement generally, and look within to see if there is what and any truth within.  If there are valid valuable points, I consider what is said.  This can be a good rule when dealing with this kind of criticism and negativity regarding this area.  Everyone isn't going to like what we do.  In time though, as often has been the case, respect and possibly a change of opinion or response might be gained from the opposition.

Since we ALL need encouragement, to find it IS ESSENTIAL!

Look for those like-minded folks out there who share your values~NOT that they have to "agree" with us totally, OH NO! But we do need to see, and experience the collective wisdom of others who have gone on before us in home education as well as those STILL in the trenches!

I want to encourage us all to find someone who will stand with us in this endeavor~our spouses, families and friends to encourage us...and of course the Lord of Heaven who graciously gave us our precious children to raise up as Christ-like citizens of this great nation~EVEN on a day I want to "pinch their heads off!" LOL! friends, I am thankful for you.  You keep me thinking, growing and striving onward!

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