Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Delightful Music~

Girl Thing One and Boy Thing One both love music.  It's amazing how much they've taken to it.  This year, they are honing in their musical skills with their chosen instruments.  Our girl loves piano and bass, while boy loves his trumpet but has been "seen" discretely playing the piano.  Today, I listened as daughter played her piano keyboard in various tones~music box was one that really was soo nice.  She's amazing and this it totally DELIGHT DRIVEN.  The idea is a child delights in a subject area and just feasts and feasts upon the subject matter at their own pace and desire.  She's taken to Japanese the same way for her foreign language study.  I have NO IDEA how many books she's purchased or borrowed from the library to study her desired culture and language.  She's so amazing in this way, and NOW she's looking for a monologue to do for drama club.  I guess we'll have to say she's into the "arts."  My boy is also into his trumpet that each day I get a concert of his playing.  He too is doing delight driven learning in this way.  While we encouraged the trumpet initially, and it's on his curriculum list for each day, it's not THERE ON THE WEEKENDS which proves that a kid who loves something will pursue it! Delight driven learning is the best; while I am not an advocate of exclusive delightly driven learning, it's a powerful tool! Hey, if everyone just did what was "delightful" how many of us would have taken SOME of the stuff we did that has well rounded us in our adulthood?  So in my humble, yeah, I'm humble~LOL~opinion, delight driven learning is a PLUS but not a total style of teaching for the homeschool.  It's good that children find delight in at least SOME of the subjects studied, but if not, it's OK too~functionality is really more the goal for the total process.  Functionality means so much in this age of education and life.  Listening to the radio the other day about the challenges of educating to the present age made me consider that homeschooling STILL is the best option.  What better natural and normal environment for life learning~learning that will prepare for the home and work world than HOME?  Home, a place of refuge and challenges~if you think there are no challenges, think again.  To LIVE together and harmoniously live within the constraints of family and then to reach out into the world is no small feat!

Delightful music is at my house today, and I am enjoying the process~
What delightful learning is occuring in your home?  Do you have a child naturally drawn to a subject area where they can soar?

SisterT <3

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jwiggins said...

Yes one of my kids love love love to learn about weather. He will sit and watch the weather channel and then go on