Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I was recently asked a question about my current educational intentions and aspirations. 

WHY DO YOU WANT to be a teacher? 

Good question!

GLAD you asked!

I want to be a teacher because first, I am a teacher.  I'd like to complete my education so I can become state certified and able to go into the classroom and make a difference for one child at a time. 

I am a teacher who teaches because that's WHAT teachers do...we teach!

And it's an important thing to note that EVERYONE REALLY is a teacher.  Yes, we all teach something, but my aspirations are far nobler.  I hope to empower and lead the way for others...

I'm an older student.

This isn't my first 'go round' the block, no.

But aren't wisdom and experience valuable to our children?

I think so.


I want to bring my blog up to speed and share this latest journey leg with you all.  I know I've not been here in a very long time.  My precious littles are now all grown and working at life for themselves.  Hub and I are making new adventures with each other...and I am in school...pursuing that BSED so I can become a TEACHER.  YES!

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See you again soon!
SisterT ;-)

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