Monday, July 19, 2010

Review: Around the World With a Unit Study, The Old Schoolhouse Planner Module: Tavel the World

Travel the World
The Old Schoolhouse Planner Module: Travel the World
Digital download/58 pages
Price: $7.95

Get it HERE: The Old Schoolhouse Store
My Take: Multi-age and good value!

The Crew's Take: HERE!  

I received The Old Schoolhouse Planner module for June 2010, Travel the World  without monetary compensation in return for my opinions regarding this unit study.

Having teenagers is a challenge in more than one way, and finding curriculum that they don't see as childish is crucial!  Travel the World is a download module that comes with high school extensions and many of the resources you will need. The details of this world geography study are amazing!  I have learned so much, myself and I recommend that you will find good use and appreciation for Travel the World.

You will find:
study guide
activity pages
coloring pages 
high school extensions
links for a fun internet geography study
and more!!

The planner modules stand alone as unit study options for your child's learning experience.  You can add this study as part of a world history course for older kids like mine (9th & 10th grades) or introduce world geography to younger children with coloring and lapbooking options. This is a versatile product for multiple ages!

Are you concerned about using digital products with your children or in your homeschool? Are you concerned IF you are tech-savvy enough? Oh! I have to share!  After my download I was going through my product to realize that my computer which is literally dying did not download this entire eBook.  I was able to contact The Old Schoolhouse and redo the download which I am thankful!!  So don't worry! IF I can do it, like the old saying goes, YOU can do it!  TOS is great to work with. They have great support and store assistance! It's going to be FINE!

Think about it this way~consider the costs of ink, storage and using pre-printed materials.  I am using an 8GB jump drive to store my digital products this year.Jump drives are cost effective because if and when my hard drive crashes all will not be lost~ my little jump drive that fits on my key chain will have all my goodies stored safely for my use~I can take it to the library and print or use it straight on the screen, and I can also take anything I want printed to a print shop for some inexpensive copies!  I am a curriculum junkie, and the challenge of book shelf space looms large at my house, and digital is a great solution!

Don't let digital products slow you down~ you will want to print some of these beautifully made worksheets for your child. Just print what you are going to use! This is what I did!!  Of course if you want Travel the World in book form, you can do this as well using a three ring binder or have it bound for a book if you prefer! My friend takes her stuff to a print shop~you KNOW what I do! ;-))Versatility is HUGE with Travel the World~print what you use, and it's multi age and stage! If you have a large family it will work well in your home too! The colorful illustrations can be printed in gray scale for a cost/ink savings!  You decide for yourself WHAT works best with Travel the World~another key to its versatility!! 
It's ALL good, but I am most excited about the high school extensions! A product that reaches all our children in their ages/stages is awesome!! It just makes sense in this economy to have a product that will expand this way!  I find that things I can go back to or use over time makes good CENT$ (pun intended!!) to me!! I am keeping it so being able to use it again later is smart!  

You will need:
print capabilities 
printer paper 
coloring pencils, marker or crayons 
glue stick 
file folder (per child for lapbook) 
optional Items: cardstock, globe, maps

Age/Grades:  If you have a young child who is not a strong reader, you will want to work with him to make sure he navigates the links and finds all the great online resources listed.  If your child is older, you may want to monitor so that he won't get into something that you prefer he not as the internet changes all the time!  The high school extensions can be modified for a younger child, and I find that the worksheets can be used for olders. I happen to like coloring, but my kids don't. If your older child needs penmanship practice they can do the copywork OR if not they can type the copywork for a keyboarding extension!  This really is a versatile product!

MY KIDS:  I used Travel the World with them in our world history studies using particularly the maps and geography definitions. We reviewed the continents and oceans.  They liked the online games, and I had them do the worksheets both youngers and h.s. extensions. 

Remember GEOGRAPHY studies for your children this year:  Travel the World  is great!


Dawn said...

Great post! Here with the Crew trying to learn a little about what other folks post (since this is MY VERY VERY VERY FIRST REVIEW). Love your different fonts to bring out info...and you have lots of good, organized info. Thanks for such a wonderful example! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Catherine said...

Hello from a fellow TOS crew member. I'm spending a little time checking out some of the the other reviews. Nice job! I love your blog!

Angela said...

I like the way you organized your post! You have some great information and I like the different categories. Thanks!