Friday, April 29, 2011

She's a Doll~Toni!

I'm a doll collector, but you won't see very many dolls displayed in my house.  Not right now~it's too cluttered with all things homeschool and life~but I have about 100 or more.  Since our last move, they've resided in blue bins and boxes~but in cleaning out our basement I gotten reacquainted with my 'friends." LOL...and I so love some of them~But dolly-LUV isn't what I'm talking about~no it's my newest one~and she's a doll too~her name is Toni! Here's some pics~she's a refurbished 1950 hard plastic 14 inch with blond hair and hazel eyes.  She was in pieces and my mother restores dolls so she cleaned her body and restrung her.  Originally she was in pieces...LOL...

WHAT do you collect? 

Here are those pics:
Ready for a party!

Such a pretty face!

Bloomers FIRST LOL

naked with a sister...but whole...put back together!

Healthy Home~WK2: It's In the Can!

This week continues my new life of health and wholeness!  Changes are abounding! I celebrated my birthday, and because my hub is learning that I'm SERIOUSLY changed, he said, "you won't let us feed you (no cake, icecream or big meal) for your birthday~so, what do you want?"  Ha Ha!! Oh yes! I have wants, but food is not in that plan! I so desire a new life of activity and health! I so desire a life where food isn't central but playing a supportive role~the supportive role of body refueling and maintenance~ NOT overeating and misery!  Misery in obesity and inactivity! So what did my birthday consist of?  Well, we did have a meal, but not a hugely special one and planned to go to the movies! Oh yes, and no snacking while's just NOT worth it to me~the cost of a little bit across my lips! Praise God!

And it's so far, in the CAN~but speaking of canning, I am planning to preserve much of our garden produce this year! AND YES, it will BE ~IN THE can..CANNING JARS!  I'm collecting them up RIGHT NOW each week as I shop and putting them back for the summer fun!

My prayer is that I will give the example to my children of a new and healthy attitude toward food.  It's perhaps one of the most important things I can do for them regarding their health.  Eating is essential! What we eat is CHOICE~

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Are you planning on canning? How do you celebrate life's events such as birthdays and holidays? Is food a blessing or curse on these days?  Let me know~thanks so much! HUGS ;-))

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Circle of Moms~TOP 25 HSing Blogs~VOTE FOR ME~LOL...

The scuffle is on for the top 25 to bubble to the top~Wanna help Sister?? VOTE for ME *grin* LOL..
If you do feel so, I do thank you~

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GiveAway~The CurriculumClean OUT 2011 HUGE! LOOK WHAT I'm Giving AWAY~whoohoo!

Okay bloggie buds~
I have LOADS of stuff~you know that~
and you also know I'm getting sooo ready to purge it all in a"name your own price sale!" soooo Here's what I'm gonna do~
Leave me a message and you're entered for the GIVEAWAY~
BRAND NEW Ken Ham/Answers in Genesis' children's book:
Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure
which teaches geology to littles~WOOT! You can never go wrong with Christian apologetics in our homeschools!!

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING~ I totally HATE to say US only, so I will go $3 toward your international shipping if you want to enter~HOW'S that? HOPE this gives ALL a chance!!  I'll take paypal for the rest if you want it to win! (we'll figure it out together ;-))

Of course, become a follower or networked blog to get in on my sale. It's taking me weeks to pull this together~I have many many many fave titles of good reads and curriculum to offer.Thanks so much!
Happy Clean Out!
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Constituting America K-12th GR CONTEST ;-)) deadline June 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog Crusie: SisterT's Talking About HOW To Instill A Moral Work Ethic in Our Children

The Question this week is:  How to instill a moral work ethic in your children, discouraging shortcuts, and or cheating?

The moral work ethic is a BIGGIE character issue in life and fully determines success or failure in our future generations.   WHAT A MOUTH FULL! But I can't overemphasize the importance of teaching a moral work ethic to our children.  Without honest hard work, where in this world would THE WORLD be and our children are the future~not just of our families, but of this world...we MUST pay extra dilligance to instill hard work, honesty, and CHARACTER in our children. It will never be good enough to accept such a lame and sorry excuse as 'whatever the meaning of IS, is...'~OH MY LORD! And a direct quotation from a former US president. What a low rate thing to have said based on low rate morals~yeah, I said it.  And furthermore, it's not just that I have had the nerve to say it, but more that GOD SAYS IT~and HE calls such shiftless dodging of truth~SIN.  SIN...yeah...big word...I know.

But if we don't instill honest, hard work~CHARACTER into our children then we might as well pack up our bags and head for the hills! There's going to be NO PLACE safe~no morals~no compass~NO ETHICS or decency~and we won't a one of us be able to COUNT ON anything or anybody...Oh, if we fail one or two of our littles, perhaps the whole world won't end, but don't you think that each time a wayward child acts out that if a mother and father at least did their best that not only they but the angels cry out in shame? The failures of our children do rest upon us~in more ways that I care to think about...and it really is a big ole LIE~the kids are gonna be kids! WHA?????? OH MAN! Do we honestly EXPECT NOTHING better from our children??? THAN TO SET THEM UP with such a LOW RATE standard?  I shudder...shudder...WHERE ARE OUR standards?

First mother and dad, it's YOU who must set the example.  AND boy oh boy, this is a tall order and oh so not fun.  I don't like thinking of others all the time or giving up my wants and needs or considering my fellow man...NO! It's NOT fun...and sometimes it plain ole hurts.  It's costly at the time and sometimes long after that time~but the consequences of denial to self can often be long over ridden by the long term betterment of a higher purpose.  HIGHER PURPOSE? WHA??? Oh yes, sometimes as adults we are asked to sacrifice in ways that bring a good to a bigger picture.  AND we need to be willing a prepared to do so.  There are all kinds of examples of this in life. First that come to mind are the patriots of our nation who were willing...wait. There are patriots today~our military who are yet willing to stand in harm's way to protect and serve.SERVE...and then, I think of mothers of young children. I don't know of too many women who enjoy all..ALL the rigors and sacrifices to raise up a helpless little human...all the stages and messes..well~it's just an example and thank God for mothers!  But also thinking of missionaries and people who have died for faith.  LOADS of people who are called outside their box to DO...The higher purpose isn't always evident either, but in looking toward a better way, often even the most unintentional act of goodness can help bring goodness to this sad sick world...and boy we need as much good as we can get!

When mothers and dads are the examples, then there is a firm foundation for the child to grow in host character and truth.  If mama's not so reputatible, what is there for a child?  I mean, what does a child learn at our knee but the most basic fundamental of WHO we are...and believe me, they see beyond any facahd we might display.  Our children KNOW who we are ..and you know that DO AS I SAY, not as I do...just is doesn't work and most of us can't even say such with a straight face b/c we know in saying it it's just a big ole JOKE! AND jokes won't get the job they won't.

When our parental foundation is solid, then we can teach our children and expose them to other forms of good solid honest work ethics.  IF dad's a cheat~guess what??? Yeah, we all know...and unfortunately most children take the parental example over the top. NOT ALL, but quite a few...too many actually in the negative sense! Too many!

So how to expose them?  Talk about honesty.  Display it in all things: cashier give you too much change~your child's watching! Somebody ask you a question you don't want to answer and you think about lying, your child is watching! There's a big job ahead and you wanna short cut it~your child is watching! Speed limit? Your child is watching...EXAMPLE speaks so much louder than words~
And believe me, I know. Mine are old enough to totally HAUNT ME with all the stuff I stuck into them when they were much younger and IF I FORGET..oh my~oh my!! LOL...

Live it, work it, teach it and even preach it! It's the only way to teach our children such an important trait!

HOW are you doing it? The crew's talking on this one~GO      ck it out!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

CONTEST: Constituting America~ Entries DUE: June 14th

Here's an opportunity to let your student be heard on the US Constitution~Enter a contest!
My friend, Amanda is working with some neat people, and here's what she's said:
I've been blessed with an opportunity to work with some super sweet
Christian people, Founder and Co-Chairs Janine Turner and Cathy
Gillespie, that want to educate others about the Constitution and our
nation's founding principles, and I'm getting in touch with teachers
and students about what we're doing. The contest I was mentioning is
for K-12 and this year, college students can enter too and win a scholarship. We would love to have as many entries from students
across the country. Entries are due June 14.
Constituting America is a nonprofit organization and this is the
second year of the contest. We're working to reach educators and
students so that schools may be equipped to teach about the
Constitution on September 17 for Constitution Day and Citizenship Day,
as well as throughout the year. We are promoting Patriot Clubs this
year and so far, and students have talked about how they are building
leadership skills in their Patriot Clubs when they hold their meetings
because each participant has responsibilities. Also begun this year is
the 90 Day Analyzing The Constitution Project that started on
Presidents' Day, February 21, with guest constitutional scholars
writing essays on each segment of our Constitution over 90 days.

Here is a five minute clip of our winners last year: A longer version plays at the top of the
website as soon as the site opens. The video is from the 2010 road
trip across America and the winners are featured talking about their
contest entries and why the Constitution is important to them. I have
a DVD that I can send to you if you would like. The long version of
the video on the website can be played by streaming in classrooms to
show students the types of entries that they can enter and how much
fun students had with the contest learning about our nation's history
and founding documents and principles last year.

 The main email for Constituting America is
There's a main phone number too that is 1-888-937-0917,

Here's the LINK again! Whoot! Join up, won't you??

Friday, April 22, 2011

FREE: Graphic Organizers for Writing

I just came acrossEduplace that has loads of cool graphic organizers for organized writing~woot! I'd say elementary and up~HTH!

Healthy Home~WK 1: Good Friday Sacrifice~I DIE DAILY, Paul said...Jesus Died Once, FOR ALL~I am to take up my cross and follow...

I'm posting as part of The Healthy Home meme and if you want to read more or join up click the button~

Happy Easter Everybody!

Today is a VERY important day for me.  It's the 21st Anniversary of the time of year my hub and I met~not the actual day b/c Easter was on a different day that year~but it was 'Good Fri' 1990~Also this is my one year on my plan of action for a new healthy life~PTL on both accounts~also it's the 9th anniv of the day we buried my brother as well as the day before my birthday~oh what a day this is~It's God's day...and I will rejoice for all in my life on this day of the past and be expectant of His grace and mercy for today!

Thinking about a Healthy Home is not too far a stretch for me.  Over the past 10 years we have made some huge changes in our eating and lifestyles.  I am amazed at how people eat though.  All that processed, prepackaged food with the preservatives, chemicals and SUGARS can't be so good for our bodies~and trust me when I tell you that as I've gotten older, the care of my carcass-this body has become more and more important to my health and OVERALL general happiness.  It's NO FUN being ill or feeling bad~so why would we want to? Why when we realize stuff isn't good would we continue?  I've had to address this insanity in my own life~just WHY have I allowed myself some of the choices I've made knowing full well the potential consequences of my actions. 

It's almost the same as a little child who runs full tilt away from mommy towards ongoing traffic~and mama running even faster to avoid the disaster little tyke is about to unfold~innocently blindly running~of course, the child never audibly screams, 'I am powerful and can run to make MY OWN way...' or 'I'm free and you can't catch me!' But in the action, so innocent a little person is heading straight into DANGER~and mom catches little fella and brings him back. Brings the baby safely home...often unharmed..but sometimes that baby has fallen down in the escape. Sometimes there are consequences that mom didn't deliver~God did that part...a bounce on the bottom as he hits the ground, just before his little feet get into the street. PTL those little feet failed to reach the street~but the bounce is enough to cause a cry...pain...but he IS stopped from his own bent toward destruction in the form of FREEDOM that is bought by a will~a desire for something that should not be...rebellion.  Such episodes in our littles is truly a form of rebellion, and I truly believe little people don't realize it and therefore anymore should they be 'disciplined' other that a rescue and few words of comfort and instruction.  Remember baby has fallen down and is crying...the punishment is natural~and often painful have to know that this very much mirrors our own histories of our attitudes toward our lives...our health and OUR homes...We THINK we CAN DO...anything without regard and with abandon ~that consequences won't surface~THAT WE ARE MORE powerful than the natural logical laws that our dear God has put into know, IF I eat that...or do that...or fail to...THERE ARE consequences both good...and bad.  But like baby~I RUN toward them~full tilt~denying that I will be affected...and in this pursuit, I am often harmed...but I'm too ignorant to see, to know and IF it goes on LONG ENOUGH I will have found myself in trouble...just like that baby who GETS TO THE STREET, with cars speeding and passing by, coming to a stop IF ...if the baby is seen...or... ... It's not pretty WHAT CAN happen...nor in my life~it's not pretty what complete disregard of consequences looks like..and so with me: a morbidly obese woman who has struggled all my life~and learning it was REBELLION all along~the sin...YES, SIN...of self. Not much different from the temptation of Eve and how she fell~a total distortion of reality and the TRUTH...God's truth. 'Don't EAT it lest YOU DIE!' But Eve didn't REMEMBER truth, but a distorted one and she fell~fell right into the Serpant's lie...and so do we when we IGNORE wisdom and truth for WHAT WE WANT...chocolate, ice cream, candy...oh my! AND sisters, we *think* we can have a 'little' but it's really just a taste that leads us and KEEPS US in bondage~some leads to MORE...and some more in the future~...our bodies THEN begin to crave's a misplaced alliance.  We were NEVER supposed to crave anything, but God, and yet..a little bit with the lie in our hearts of HOW we can handle it...oh just a taste...but you see, we can't.  I am saying I can't.  I am not wired to eat poorly and then NEVER eat poorly again.  This past week I over-ate on one meal and my body by morning~THE NEXT redemptive morning was yelling out for MORE~to eat much earlier and more food than I EVER I realize that ONE~ONE episode off my plan of eating will throw me into a pattern of trying to satisfy that grinding, rumbling in my stomach~and my mouth waters, and my mind begins to think and desire............but not God. FOOD.  It's HOW I GOT where I am ~and it began with rebellion and over time, it grew in the sweet arms of denial.  Denial that I could be so big without EVER KNOWING IT...I honestly did NOT know that dreadful number on the scale~when it was....yes, very very very big...and I KNOW that by the Lord, without HIM~I'd be EVEN BIGGER as this body/mind/soul has NO LIMITS without Him...Okay, so my healthy home begins really after my love for God and my man~with me.  If mama ain' know~ALLL KINDS OF STUFF...but is it all rooted in rebellion or submission to God and HIS WILL for my life? I must submit and die DIE my reasonable sacrifice to HIM...

So in giving up I am MORE FREE than I ever dreamed.  27 weeks without sugar~HIDDEN OR OTHERWISE does a body good to create clarity of mind...SANITY.  I can praise God for this~and so HOW am I incorporating this into our home? I am LEADING THE WAY~in ways before impossible and unimagined~showing the POWER OF GOD to subdue the enemy that seeks to, and MY family...eating addictions are as powerful and a kin to that drunk who we all look down on~or that crack sista who can't get a fix so she...  WHAT WAS I willing to give UP in my life to HAVE WHAT I WANTED verses considering all the consequences of a big fat mom~who couldn't..... ...soo many things in my physical, mental and emotional and yes, spiritual condition~to HAVE WHAT I WANTED... I have learned I cannot, so totally cannot have what I 'want' and be in a fit spiritual condition.  PERIOD. I must deny myself, TAKE UP MY CROSS daily (you have to know this equals second by second) AND FOLLOW HIM...It was the invitation Jesus gave to His disciples...taking up a cross~a symbol of such shame, humiliation, DEATH...think about what those disciples KNEW about crosses long long before their friend and leader, the Lord, Jesus hung on one~IT'S a strong and provoking thought...I don't think we understand much about WHAT THIS really means~WHAT A SYMBOL the cross IS to the ones who lived day in and day out with crucifixion in THEIR FACES~death and disgusting humanity~the cruelty and filth of humanity that orchestrated such but those poor victims dying...suffering...the anguish...WE JUST DON'T GET IT~I know I never will...but I am to die daily~to my flesh/desire(s) and this includes the kinds of and AMOUNTS of FOOD...anything~totally, ANYTHING that would rob me of an ability to clearly FOLLOW HIM...

And so...I press on toward the MARK OF THE HIGH CALLING of God in Christ Jesus~for I can do ALL THINGS~Through Christ who strengthens me...knowing that HE WILL COMPLETE just what HE HAS BEGUN IN ME~THAT good work...

27 weeks of no white garbage in my diet is just a beginning of a life long pursuit~but in the healing of my mind, soul and body~A MIRACLE is mili-second at a time...

God is calling US ALL to HIM~TO deny ourselves...all that STUFF...and we're over stuffed...with food AND STUFF~God's working on me in this area too...but the call today dear friend is to lead the way in your own home~seeking God and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and ALL the things (peace, joy, meekness, mercy, love, gentleness, long suffering, faith....all the fruit of the spirit) ARE ADDED UNTO HIS God does make all things beautiful IN HIS TIME...God's will.  EVER THOUGHT about food being something to offer to God? That coffee or chocolate addiction~portions~ice cream~???  WHAT IS your weakness regarding your health? Lord knows I'd be diving into the jelly beans this year, yet AGAIN were it not for HIM..and HIM alone...

WT LOSS is NOT my goal, but my goal IS giving my life to God~AS HE sees that I am healthy and HIS POWER IS made known.  CAN YOU imagine my testimony as God is healing me??? Our testimony as we are healed before our families (folks who know us BEST) and the show of HIS awesome power??? Oh I get all excited when I know that what He is doing for me is the BEST, very best form of education I can teach my children and the example. I can show them that Jesus Christ~the crucified, the risen Lord, God ~son of God IS IS IS IS IS enough...and MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO powerful than anything...including the lure...OF SOMETHING that seeks to destroy~food, substances...and rooted in pride and rebellion...riding on denial...

Thank you, Jesus! For He has unspeakable power!

Thanks for coming by this GOOD Friday~May we all know His power and submit to Him more each day~and truly celebrate His resurrection this year in a way we've never known~in our/with our very lives...taking up our crosses and following...FOLLOWING...Him. Him, alone.

my most recent pic 2/11

8/11 with a good friend....

Let me know your celebration plans~Thanks and love you.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

REVIEW: Out Live Your LIfe by Max Lucado (Jacketed Hardcover Ed)

jacketed hardcover ed.
I received a copy of this book as a member of Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest opinions without monetary compensation.  My opinions are my own.

If you love Max Lucado OR inspirational reading Out Live Your Life ~You Were Made to Make a Difference is just for you!  Filled with faith to action inspirational stories, the master storyteller, Max Lucado weaves a thought provoking call to make a lasting impact on the world~Your world and mine in this latest hard cover book.  I found the stories he recounts of his life and the spiritual lessons of giving in such a way as to affect the world moving and urging me to do more~for God and people who I come across.  This isn't a hard read and it has Scripture woven throughout. 

I recommend  Out Live Your Life ~You Were Made to Make a Difference as a great read to open our eyes to God's mission in our lives~to leave a lasting eternal legacy of WHAT MATTERS~

Ck out Amazon OR Thomas Nelson to purchase your copy today!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gabby Moms: Eternal Encouragment Magazine Formerly TEACH Magazine

MY basement clean out...
All you've got to do is walk outside your home or turn on the radio or TV to know that people need HELP.  Things have become desperate for so many that ...You can fill in the blank and it's can be very bad.  HOMES are IN PERIL~Even the strongest home needs help.  I remember being a mother with young children.  I remember those child rearing challenges~the challenge of balancing being a wife and a mother...a homemaker, nurse, taxi driver, financial officer, chef...It's still my life~a little bit further down the road...but I KNOW the struggle.

And I'm not alone. Eternal Encouragement Magazine is here each quarter to offer a refreshing respite to my hustle and bustle life.  There's more than just a new name, too!  Mrs. Lorie Flem has a resizing of the whole publication to an easy carry as you go smaller version~all the same gorgeous magazine of the past, but in a smaller size~fits easy in my big ole tote!  LOVE that~

Dolls OUT of the basement~need clothes...       
Inside you will find:
All ~ ALL kinds of encouragement~
household hints

Would you believe ALL that for just  $25.97     to subscribe? 

This is definitely a woman's Biblical magazine and conservative to the hilt~You will love it!

Check out what the other Gabby Moms are saying HERE AND the website for Eternal Encouragement Magazine HERE!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Cruise: SisterT's Talking About Her LIFE NOT HSing

The Question:
If you didn't homeschool, what would you DREAM of doing?

The clock is ticking for us.  In just a few short years, we will be DONE and all that this little 10 word question will take on a new meaning~I'd be LOST, first of all~totally.  This is MY GUT response, but as I reflect other things come to mind...

Like the past...  I am remembering that first year and how sweet my little children and eager they were.  How I taught them sitting on each end of our piano bench with me in between in the recliner leaned forward and each in a little itty bitty plastic chair~waiting and working so hard...What sweetness! Eager learning characterized that first year! I'd take them to the kitchen table to play with water in all sorts of measuring items~cups, spoons, jars, bowls...we measured and poured BIG TIME to see how and what about measuring! So much fun!! Then when I taught phonics, I made flash cards for my son to hop on and say the sound as he went~WOOT! I had to have ACTION in our learning!  I read to them and they listened and we worked in our curriculum~each working while I worked with and taught the next one...taking turns!  It was really sweet...

The present...Today HSing has taken on new dimensions.  I no longer teach every subject, but am here as a resource and essentially a monitor and encouragement!  They are so independent now that they work to do without me~plan their own days and EVEN drive to events without me in the car...oh where DID that past of ours go??  But it's still sweet ~ SOMETIMES! Of course, it's not so mushy and huggy~some bigger kiddos just don't like that, but I still love huggn' on 'em so they know I care!
From the Center Stage Production of Charlotte's Web 4-15-11
My daughter~Charlotte's Baby Spider
The future...I have begun thinking about this b/c as a fifty year old when we are DONE, I will need to have lain some foundation for my future...will I be ready to return to the labor force? Will I WANT to return? YOU BETCHA! POOR isn't fun~but it's been well worth it! And so I believe if I have my health, I will return to nursing~but first in securing that BS in Nursing.  OH YES! Soo a few years BACK I really promised my children that WHEN they went to college I would GO with them at that time...and the clock IS ticking...we don't have long!

First UP~
college student
THEN school again for Legal Nurse Consulting~(oh yes!)

But in my life, I pray I am still married~still crafty~still in my church....but God does KNOW, right??

Thanks for stopping by~WHAT'S YOUR dream?
Click on that big ole button to read the rest of the crew~

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fit Mommy Fri~ WK 15: STEADY and STILL At It!

I HONESTLY have such a long way to go, and b/c many of my Fit Mommy buds are just maintaining~I get a little discouraged with my progress! In fact it's hard to write every week without disclosing all my stats but I do feel that some would not be able to relate to my situation, but I do feel that FOR ME it's helpful to continue to plug along with this meme.  In fact, I get few comments here~but no matter...comments or no, I write this one FOR ME.  You have to do that too~find things in life that hold you accountable and in the game...and opting OUT of the game is what I did in allowing myself to become so morbidly obese.  But, no more! I am in and still at it. . . it's PROGRESS I count~not perfection! I won't EVER get there if I focus on my flaws rather than my victories...and so I encourage all the Fit Mommys at whatever your desired goals to focus on WHAT YOU ARE doing and celebrate that MORE~don't beat yourselves us, but learn and change~grow...that little flower that began as a seed to a sprout fought the dry crust of the earth's surface to rise up to the sunshine and flower! WE CAN TOO!

My progress this week is evident in my feet.  I have been a size 13 WWW shoe and yesterday in my thrift store travels I found a regular width size 10 to my comfort~WOOT~

Soo for me, it's ALL IN THE FOOT today! LOL

I am still white flour and sugar free~no preaching here! In fact, you may not need to do this in your life, but if you are struggling, let me say that NOW that I am thus, I don't EVER want OR EVEN DESIRE to return. Why? B/C I AM FEELING BETTER than I have in YEARS! and body is shrinking faster than I ever dreamed.  I believe that higher than normal sugars per my research shows that it will increase inflammation in the body~and that causes puffiness and swelling...yup...SO I WAS BIGGER eating sugar even though I was not gorging (in the end of still consuming) it!  Soo you can keep right on~but know that I do count this as a pure unadulterated MIRACLE in my life~I am amazed that I am celebrating 26 weeks tomorrow.  I also celebrated 21 years with hub on Wed~that's a victory! Also..I am one year in my program of changing my health by giving my life to God. PTL!

I continue to drink on that bike this week~climbed more stairs and worked like a dog! woot!

I'm cking out a new Christian Bible study that addresses food addictions HERE!                  .

If you want to read more or join up with the other Fit Mommys~HIT that button!  HOW was your week? Are you gardening this year? Are you adding more veggies-raw and healthy?? What's up with you??

The Homeschool Mother's Journal Wk 12~It's ALL ABOUT Drama!

The Homeschool Mother's Journal I'm participating in The Homeschool Mother's Journal this week and we're ALL about DRAMA right now! Drama Club that is! Both my kids have been heading out at dawn each morning and driving to drama group for the last week of this semester's production of Charlotte's Web! I am too thrilled! In fact, I get to GO SEE IT tonight~WOOT!! My daughter is such a trooper~she has two minor roles~a baby gosling and a baby spider! My son is a supporting crew member~he's cleaned and readied the theater each performance and tonight will work as an usher and in concessions!  AMAZING!

In My Life and In Our Homeschool This Week:
It's been a crazy week. First out my pastor of many years~my childhood and teen-early twenties passed away on Saturday. You know how you think you can lay all your demons to rest and moved on in life for it to suddenly bite you? Well, that's what this has been like.  I will one day write about all my feelings related to this but for now, please just know that it did effect me and I have been very sorry that he is gone. In fact, now that he is~something is MISSING that was good in this world...As for how I've done, I have struggled keeping my food plan in place. I am still sugar and white flour free but my portions will sometimes take a hit and I will eat more than I normally do.  I've been pretty good with this so far~but it is a challenge. I do celebrate 26 weeks tomorrow and now one year in my eating program.  My clothes are significantly looser and I am now a few shoes sizes smaller! woot! I've been on my bike and I've been pretty active. We're cleaning out one 1/2 of the basement and I am getting ready for a HUGE CURRICULUM CLEANOUT~be on the look out! Also I am reordering my stuff~Can you say~C R A Z Y?? LOL...

Our homeschooling has been excused as our daughter is on leave from her school work and our son is off for three days until the play is complete. I will have some pics for you next week that I am taking tonight! I am too thrilled! AND SOO ready for that break!

Places We're Going and Ppl We're Seeing:
  Drama Club TONIGHT AND TOMORROW April 15-16th@the Holland Theater in Bellefontaine, OH!   Check out this HS group!
Daughter is a gosling and baby spider~awwww...LOL!  

My Favorite Thing This Week was...
Seeing all the progress in my kids and how well they are holding up under such responsibility.  My son was stretched by interacting with a special needs young man and I am praying for him to do God's will. I love that we are cleaning our basement and that I am FINDING MY LIFE again! woot!  I also like that I am in that smaller shoe size!!! whoot whoot!

What's Working/Not Working For Us...
I like that the weather is BEGINNING to cooperate~NO SNOW this week! YAY!! AND the flowers in my yard are getting going~

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have...

Will JUNE ever get here?!  And CAN I purge all my book cases easily???

Here's a pic~Okay~A! (BUT HOW COULD I RESIST?? LOL)
Boxes from our basement~
Drawn portrait  by a cousin of me @ 3.5 yrs~
mine when they were babies~
Dolls in storage w/o their clothes~
Our house~street view turning in...GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME!
First flower of the season~
 Thanks for stopping by~CK OUT the other moms by clicking on that big button up top. You can join up too if you want~ WHAT'S YOUR week been like? ;-))

Family Films~Truth Be Told: TOMORROW NIGHT

I'm excited to share that Proctor & Gamble and Wal-Mart have teamed up again (READ about FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT) to bring a family friendly FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT to network televion~WHEW! WHAT a breath of fresh air from all the JUNK out there!

This is for all you romantics~Here's a movie for you! In fact, this is a FEEL GOOD movie.  If I have a problem it's that these "nice people" meaning the main characters got themselves into such a circumstance...DO PPL REALLY think they can LIE and it turn out okay??? Hmmmm...soooo for all the moralists out there like me~you might have a problem with the premise to begin with...I mean~LIES NEVER PAY, right??? Of course not...and this movie isn't all giddy-glory but...NO SPOILER HERE...

TUNE IN tomorrow night on FOX (Saturday; 4/16/2011 - 7pm CST)
Web :PageHere's the trailer~

I was given a sneak peak at Truth Be Told as part of the Propeller Blog program in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own. THANKS!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teacher Tipster: HISTORY Class

I'm a believer in making stuff REAL.  We love field trips and getting out and doing~but finding the money and resources can be a challenge sometimes.  When teaching subjects, if we can go and do we seem to really enjoy the experiences of that event or topic we are diving into~There are many ways to make history come alive for your student.  Teaching using all the modalities such as visual~do you have pictures or film? Audio can be a dramatization of a historical event. I have the pilgrim's of Plymouth on tape and my kids enjoyed listening to it several years ago. We like books on tape too.  Recently I taped my daughter's text reading so she could listen to mp3 while in Drama Club so she wouldn't fall behind.  Tactile could be field trips and hands on activities such as building a model. We built a mini to scale Noah's Ark about 6 years ago~woot! You can use living books and several history curriculi have book lists of suggested readings.

Here's a youtube video on the Civil War Veterans.  Short but nice to see the actual men who served.

How do you teach history? Thanks for coming by~let me know you were here with a comment please ;-))

Monday, April 11, 2011


We have a winner~
Thanks to all who entered...

Barb G of Diabetic Snacker!!

WIN $100 VISA Gift Card~

And like, I'm gonna tell you where?? Yeah, I'll tell you...LOL~because I love ya! HOPE I win, though! LOL

Blog Cruise: SisterT's Talking About HSing in the SMALL Places!


How do you or do you homeschool in a small area (small space, small house, etc.)?

While I'm not small physically, but financially I AM a small person~I don't have a HUGE grand home~I don't have...blah, blah, blah...but what I do have, has done the job~and we've been doing the job into our 10th year~We've ALMOST completed it, too~woot!!

But HSing in a small place has never been a barrier for me.  In fact, I prefer NOT to have a dedicated  or large space, because twice now, in our HSing I've had them.  I LIKE having HSing integrated into our home and lives~but...this too can have draw backs. Do you have a dedicated space, however small it might be or do you drool over the fashionably design deva coordinated school room~shelves all matching~tools all coordinated~things all orderly and BEAUTIFUL?  Well, yes.  I guess on some level we might all desire that...but I'm here to say that it might NOT be best and it's certainly NOT necessary.  All the 'put together' of the latest-greatest things in decor won't get your children NOR mine taught the 3Rs much less the 'important' things in life.  So SisterT, JUST WHAT are you saying you might be asking.

HSing imho happens BEST in the natural environment of our homes.  RADICAL~I know.  In fact, I've tried it a few times THE OTHER WAY~and while it's very necessary to have essentials like storage/places to sit and the items needed to officiate the learning, all the glitz and glam~WHILE NICE, isn't necessary...and having a small space just might be BEST!

Okay~here's my story.  You see, in our HSing we've done it living in...five different homes.  Each had its pluses and minues~but I do know that the BIGGEST waste of energy was early on when I set up a dedicated school room which we QUICKLY abandoned! Why? Because we were too isolated.  ENTIRELY too isolated.  My children nor myself enjoyed being shut away from the hub of the home~our family room (which is essentially a living room.)  And so it wasn't long that the little schoolroom become repurposed into a bedroom and our book shelves found their way into our living spaces.

I think working at the kitchen table gives wonderful importance to the task of doing 'school work.'  And I know that while sometimes our routines might be interrupted b/c we are doing 'school' we do have to dedicate time to it for sure~AND this will mean that when my kids are curled up on the sofa reading or in the recliner or even at the table~there were days and still are they will spread out on the floor~ANYTHING goes as far as WHERE~but the importance of being able to drop all other HOME ACTIVITIES to focus on the educational aspect means that we really value VALUE value the learning that is going on!  Hub stops! Grandma stops! I stop! And even the dogs and cats stop! Everything can be put on hold for that treasured time each day when learning takes precedence

It's not always convenient either. We have a tutor coming twice a week and they work at our kitchen/dining table. Our home is open concept so we all leave these rooms in order for peace to reign~I don't fix food or anything~well...I do try to be prepped so when he gets here all is set~but it takes order and organization to pull this off~and believe me, it's not always easy, but we do it b/c it's important!

Finding places and order in the everyday~When we first began and even today, I stored stuff in unusual places for HSing so that it was readily accessible and in the normal environment.  For instance, I used and still do use our buffet in our dining room to store OUT OF SIGHT schooling items.  When they were littles each child had a door and drawer~today it's a chest type and the printer paper/ink and stuff like that is there~printer is beside it~networked over 7 computers in our home! Okay, you get the idea? We put stuff where we can~and of course I have some lovely shelving that hub built just a few years ago(see that pic of the bookcase!)~oh boy! yes! AND these are in our family room which is a very very very small room crammed with three recliners~well, we school between this room and a small space we created to put two computer desk top stations(another pic here with daughter and cat!/son and desktop).  But unless it's the computer stuff they're doing~and sometimes even still b/c they both have lap tops that will access the materials~they will take it all to the dining room table  or couch or even into their rooms. It just makes sense, and my daughter says she can spread out better on the floor with her books.  My son prefers his bed or the couch to read!  I don't expect them to school sitting at those work stations all day~in fact, I hope they won't!  I've gotten padded office chairs, but overall~the kitchen/dining table does it best!

I found, too that I don't *LIKE* cleaning more rooms than are necessary!  Incorporating HSing into our lives has worked so well~that I don't ever plan to change this aspect of our lives! Learning IS a natural occurrence of our lives~WHY worry and manufacture the environment?
A few benefits of schooling in the normal environment whatever the size space is that I believe our children not only GET the importance of education, but they learn HOW to learn in the regular everyday.  Nothing hard about that...and also that they can develop a good attitude and probably won't even realize that school happens ALL the time!  Do you realize you are teaching AS YOU GO?  Deut definitely admonishes the parents in the Old Testament to teach their children the precepts of the Lord as they went about the EVERYDAY.  This is such a key to learning how to do LIFE. I'm not an advocate of a 'curriculum' for 'life skills' either. To me, they are best taught naturally!

Tips for HSing in a tight space:
1. Use the storage you have well~organize and catagorize.
2. Weed out! Boy, do I need to do this~in fact..I will be SOON! AND let me say that the public library often has what we need as does digital storage or FREE online~why accumulate and store when online works well?
3.  Use book bags for each child~I did this for years~it made our work portable and kept it all together~
4.  Bookshelves/cases~of course, this will depend upon your actual SPACE in your home, but a single book width bookcase can fit nicely behind most soft cushy chairs in the livingroom or along side kitchen walls~also I've used these in the children's room to organize toys verses the hodgepodge of a toy box making their play items much more accessible.
5. Boxes or baskets~I use these to organize on the shelves to make them seem less cluttered (Ya think? MY STUFF IS WAY TOO CLUTTERED) But in the living spaces baskets and boxes (attractive ones you can make or buy) will HIDE all that school stuff~whoot!
6.  Finding creative places to store stuff: under the couch, in buffets, on book cases, in cabinets, in book bags, baskets on the floor, behind the piano (this is where some of our BIG charts are stored!) and the like...on a door that is always opened~to the back is our daily schedule...we don't have all our school stuff hanging out for all visitors to SEE, but it's there~believe me ;-))

Okay~so that whole crew if offering up their thoughts! Head on over to ck it out            !

BELOW you can see what a 'best' teenage 'friend' LOL did to her pic...LOL! LOVE IT! LOL

Do you have a big place dedicated or do you incorporate it into the natural normal environment of your home?  Thanks so much for coming by~;-))

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The Homeschool Mother's Journal Wk11~CRUNCH WEEK Big Time!

The Homeschool ChickI'm participating in Sue's journal and if you wanna know more~like JOIN UP or read mo~click the big button!!

In My Life and In Our Homeschool This Week:
Would YOU believe we had snow flurries AGAIN this week?  Just flurries, but flurries none the less! And it's cooold out there right now~although not so that we don't have a few windows up~so maybe it isn't too bad! LOL...It could be that ole saying of the glass either 1/2 full...OR 1/2 empty...LOL...

Soo we are in a very very very busy week! Girl Thing One~Miss DRAMA QUEEN...LOL is in Charlotte's Web with a six performance run with CenterStage Productions which is a homeschool drama club that consists of all homeschoolers!  Her brother doesn't ACT~but is a crew member by doing supportive work like building sets and working on other crews such as working to get the kids hair done for their characters.  NEXT weekend is PERFORMANCE and it's EVERYDAY getting things pulled together!  The drama club calls this POLISHING WEEK meaning they are perfecting their performance all week this week and next week will be dress rehersals and then~D day!  LOL  I am exhausted. I don't know HOW they do it. Of course, we are on spring break which is good b/c the time commitment is HUGE~but next week is going to be nearly impossible for them by being at the theater all day everyday and evening~pray for us! Thanks!

I'm doing fine on my eating plan and I have lost a 1/2 inch these last couple of weeks in my hips. MAKES ME KNOW that the jeans I just ordered that are a little loose right now will be bagging really bad so that second pair that hasn't arrived I need to cancel.  NO need to have huge clothes~I can reorder the smaller size~WOOT!!  Eating and activity is good.

I am struggling with a new season coming in my life, though.  I am going to be selling much of our homeschooling curriculum.  With virtual academy, all these resources are unneeded. I am purging and will post that list up when I get it pulled together. Literally there is at least five years or so of STUFF~
Places We're Going and Ppl We're Seeing:
Check out this HS group!
Daughter is a gosling and baby spider~awwww...LOL!

My Favorite Thing This Week was...
God blessing me with the restoration of a relationship~AMEN and AMEN!

What's Working/Not Working For Us...
The virtual academy and drama group TIME conflicts~

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have...

IS purging the hsing stuff wise? I believe it is~It's a new season! But also WHAT THE HECK am I gonna do NXT?? LOL...

Here's a pic~Okay~A! (BUT HOW COULD I RESIST?? LOL)

I want to begin a NEW theme here on Telln' It! How about:  On A Tank~meaning what I see in on a car trip~Soo here's some pics from this week in Bellefontaine, OH when GirlThingOne was a Drama Club for practice~
Logan County Courthouse~neat ole blding..could be on a hill...LOL
Performer's entrance~Holland Theater...yes, that's milk..don't ask! LOL
EVER HIT a brick wall?? LOL
Adult parole office~might NEED this one...LOL
Across from Courthouse and on the first paved st in US!  SEE the street?? LOL
Cornerstone of Veterans Blding below~
Currently the Veteran's Bldg~Go troops!
Lower detail of Logan County Courthouse~
Detail of Logan County Courthouse~where are the gargoils? LOL
This CRACKS me up! Imagine...the treatments...LOL!
Can you tell I LOVE old buildings and 'other' oddities?? LOL...okay, so THANKS for cking in on us this week~HOW are you?  READ MO             !